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March 13, 2012

While Scoop it out and about at various Art Festivals, I thought that I would offer some of our new items that we are offering this weekend at The Eastern Shore Art Center’s 40th Annual Outdoor Art Show in Fairhope Alabama!!!!

Although, I do not have the exact items that Scoop is offering this weekend in Fairhope, there are many that are not exact, but using the Magical Delights Creative Style, are on display there.  I meant to take photos of the very items, but alas, he had packed up and was off just as I was arriving at the store.  No time for anything but to wish safe travels and good weather!!

In case you have not had the opportunity to see Magical Delights at one of the many Art Festivals on our busy Art Festival Schedule, here is a sampling of things that are available there and also on line.

Onyx Point, Pink Tourmaline, Amethyst, Opal, Blue Quartz Druzy with Sterling Silver Dragonfly Accent.

Onyx Point, Pink Tourmaline, Amethyst, Opal, Blue Quartz Druzy with Sterling Silver Dragonfly Accent.

Amethyst Point_ Peridot_ Pink Tourmaline_ Topaz_ Quartz Cluster Wandlet

Amethyst Point Peridot Pink Tourmaline Topaz Quartz Cluster Wandlet.

Quartz Point_ Amethyst_ Aurad Topaz_ Epidot in Quartz with Dragonfly Wandlet

Quartz Point Amethyst Aurad Topaz Epidot in Quartz with Dragonfly Wandlet

Aqua Aura Point_ and Topaz Pendant

Aqua Aura Point and Topaz Pendant

Gold-fill and Sterling Silver Multistone Pendant

Gold-fill and Sterling Silver Multi Stone Pendant

Garnet, Boulder Opal,and Dragonfly Pendant

Garnet, Boulder Opal,and Dragonfly Pendant

Topaz_ Topaz_ Amethyst and Peridot Bracelet

Topaz Topaz Amethyst and Peridot Bracelet

Blue Topaz_ Amethyst_ Amethyst Bracelet

Blue Topaz Amethyst Amethyst Bracelet

Salsa Fire Topaz, Orange Sorbet Topaz and Hemitite Beads

Salsa Fire Topaz, Orange Sorbet Topaz and Hemitite Beads

3 Stone Finger Bracelet with Amethyst, Pao Shell and Aqua Marine

3 Stone Finger Bracelet with Amethyst, Pao Shell and Aqua Marine

Watermellon Tourmaline Finger Bracelet

Watermelon Tourmaline Finger Bracelet

Labrodorite Finger Bracelet

Labrodorite Finger Bracelet

For more of these great Magical Delights Handcrafted Jewelry Designs, be sure to see our website at or be sure to attend one of the great Art Festivals that Magical Delights will be visiting this Spring, Summer and Fall.  Please see our Art Festival Page of our website for a full listing of the ones that are currently available – more dates will be forth coming, so check back often for more to come.  Hope to see you at one of the many Magical Delights sightings coming soon!!!


Wow, It’s Hot Outside!!

July 22, 2011

Because it was going to be a REALLY hot weekend, I decided to be outside.  So, I went to “Artarama” in Eagle River, WI.  I actually had input to the layout of the show.  That was a first.  We got really “lucky” though and the clouds lingered all day which moderated the temperature a lot.  All in all, “Artarama” was an OK show, considering the economy, but they are going to have to be careful of that buy sell thing.  

Food Layout at Neenah Village

Food Layout at Neenah Village

Sunday I was in Neenah at the Bergstrum-Mahler Museum Art in the Park.  The organizers know how to take care of their vendors!!  They had a Party Saturday Night and a really nice breakfast layout for the morning with ICE TEA, several kinds of muffins and a FRUIT CUP.  WOW!!

Peggy McDaniel at Neenah

Peggy McDaniel at Neenah

Neenah Village

Neenah VillageThey also experimented with a new layout for the show. See Peggy McDaniel and Friends descussing the new set up.They put the vendors along the roads in the Park rather than in rows as before. It worked out OK, however, they neeed to connect the two ends so that people will come around again. Maybe next year. Neenah Art Festival Park

The weather got really hot with heat indexes of 110 to 115 so most customers were done by noon.

This coming weekend I will be appearing with Jean Tindle of Spirit Dancer Crystals at the Body Mind Spirit Expo in Austin, TX.  We have a great collection of wand that will be available to customers there.

Our next Art Festival s will be the Owatonna Festival of the Arts in Owatonna Minnesota on July 30th and 31st, and The Trout Museum’s 51st Annual Art in the Park in Appleton City Park, Appleton Wisconsin  on July 31st   .  Hope you can stop by to see us while we are there!!  Otherwise, by all means, please stop by our website as  to see what we have available there.

Little Art Fairs in June and July

July 7, 2011
Lodi Art Fair

Lodi Art Fair

We’ve done three Shows in  the last month, Snake Alley Art Fair in Burlington Iowa, Fountain Square Art Festival in Evanston Illinois,  and Lodi’s 48th Annual “Art in the Park” Show and Sale in Lodi Wisconsin.  As you can see, it is a nice setting, very pleasant.  We had a glorious day, too.  There were a lot of my friends here as well.

Tim Miller of Trademark Traditions

Tim Miller of Trademark Traditions

This is Tim Miller of Trademark,  (he’s just setting up).  I came by to slow him down so I could sell more stuff :))

John the Ringman's Son

John the Ringman's Son

Also, John the Ringman’s sons David and Michael were here helping the Family Business to prosper, which is only right.

Customer Trying on a Finger Bracelet™ as a Toe Ring

Customer Trying on a Finger Bracelet™ as a Toe Ring

Oddly, enough, one young woman was trying on a Finger Bracelet™ to use as a toe ring.  Even though it was a great day with fine ambiance, sales, fortunately, were slow and I came home with lots of stock.

So, you can order on line at Magical!!

We Have Some Great Zeolites Here In The Store!!

June 4, 2011
Zeolites at Magical Delights

Zeolites at Magical Delights

Bob is back from his vacation for a couple of hours and now is off and gone – on his was to his Art Festival where he will be appearing at The 50th and France 44th Annual Edina Art Fair in Edina Minnesota that runs from June 3rd thru June 5th.

He has hit the ground running and he is off doing the next thing and has asked me to put this post up for him once again.

As he was leaving he looked at this great display and decided that we should put it on the website so that people will have an opportunity to see these great finds.  Some of them are literally one of a kind because we may never see another like it.  Bob sees a lot of really cool and interesting things at The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show and also at the The 44th Annual Denver Gem and Mineral Show.

Quoting from Love Is In The Earth Crystal and Mineral Encyclopedia by Melody, “…as a new group name, (it) was first reported in 1756 by A.F. Cronsteldt and was named from the Greek words meaning “to boil” and “rock” in reference the intumescence of the minerals during the blowpipe portion of the analysis.  “Zeolites, in general, have assisted in the improvement of the environment and to ethereally absorb toxic products and odors;  gridding with Zeolites around waste dumps has also been effective. “

“It is an excellent energy for Reiki, to further ones actions and to stimulate the proper response to the energies applied.”

“Picture Zeolite has been used to facilitate a clear channel for communication between the physical plane and other planes of existence.  It promotes concurrent communication between the self and a multitude of different worlds with centering upon the identical topic.”

The mineral can be used to cleanse the aura (eliminating both the negativity and the impurities), to cleanse all of the chakras, and to provide for the clearing of the pathway so that the physical and ethereal planes have the required electrical connection to provide perfection.”  Thanks, Melody for such great information!!

Close Up of Zeolites at Magical Delights

Close Up of Zeolites at Magical Delights

After reading about all of the great properites of Zeolites, I can certainly understand why it would be such a great mineral for use during Reiki and other energy healing!!   In fact, I can’t imagine how any one would want to be with out one!!  Especially these days!!

Left Side Zeolites

So, in light of that I am busy, busy, busy adding these great Zeolites to a new page on the website at named Zeolites!!  It may take me a little time to populate all of the information including approximate sizes and several different angles.   While you are there be sure to check out the new items of Handcrafted Jewelry Designs that we have added to our UniqueFinger BraceletPage, Original Gemstone Bracelet Page, Designer Gemstone Pendant Page and Amazing Magic Wand and Amazing  Magic Wandlet Pages.  There is even a Jewelry Gallery Page with a selection of several of each to easily see them at a glance!!

Right Side ZeolitesIf the information is not there yet when you first look, please bookmark the page so that you can come back often to see the cool surprises that will be there on display.  And, also, be sure to take in the The 50th and France 44th Annual Edina Art Fair in Edina Minnesota, this weekend!!  Bob will love seeing you so be sure to stop in while you are in town!!

For more information about where Handcrafted Jewelry by Magical Delights will be appearing, please check out our Art Show Page on our website, .

Spring Fever

May 5, 2011

So excuse me for not writing for a while.  I had many good ideas but when it came to writing them down and sharing them with others they became a confused jumble.

I haven’t even been able to determine the cause…Spring (the changing of the season), global politics (the disruption of the Status Quo), social forces (Facebook, travel (since January I’ve been to the Southwest, Mid South, Mid West, East Coast and back), or dis-ease (I have some infection that I can’t get rid of).

I think the answer might be dis-ease caused by all the above and translated into down time for your writer.

Certainly change is afoot and we all should get ready for it…How do you ask?

  • Start by knowing yourself.
  • Then sensing the world around you that is created by knowing yourself.
  • Take care of your physical self.
  • And know that you are always in the “Lake of Wellbeing” and only when you remove yourself from that you get in trouble.
  • Too much input might well contribute to pulling oneself out of the “Lake” so,
  • Take time for the Spring tonic of meditation, going within, settling down, or just seeing nature unfold.

Happy Spring and I’ll see you on the road.

Some of the places that I will be are The Madison Audubon Society Art Fair, at the Warner Park Community Center Madison Wisconsinon Saturday May 7th,  The Syttende Mai Folk Festival in Stoughton Wisconsin May 13th -15th,  and DuPage County’s Spring Fling Arts and Crafts Show, Dupage County Fairgrounds in Wheaton Illinois on May 21st and 22nd.  For more information on Art Festivals where Magical Delights will be appearing you can see our Art Festival Page on our website at .

We Have Exogenic Fulgurites!!

March 17, 2011

While I was in Tucson for the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show I saw some interesting things.  One the things that caught my eye was  something called Exogenic Fulgurites.

Exogenic Fulgurites

Exogenic Fulgurites

Normally they are “sand stuck by lightning” that resembles hardened fused silica that looks something like this smaller photo.


You can see more of this type of Fulgurite at the website for the Mineralogical Research Company. This is the usual type of Fulgurite.  Exogenic Fulgurites, on the other hand, are dark and shiny like the ones in the larger photo and are actually ejected from the original type of Fulgurite.  These are even more interested and very rare.  There is also a great article in Rocks and Mineral Magazine September/October 2004 Vol 79, No 5, pp334-340 if you are interested.

For more of the information on Exogenic Fulgurites, there are some on  He says on his website that he is the only one that owns any of this, but Magical Delights has some that will be for sale in the near future.

According to this article by  “Fulgurite is used as a tool for prayer and meditation. It arouses the kundalini energy and helps it to rise to inspirational heights, an awakening. The fulgurite can be used for manifesting and focus. Helps to clear clogged chakras as well.”  Sounds like it would be a great mineral to wear in a pendant now and in the future.

There are a few of the small round circles that would work well in a Pendant or a Finger Bracelet™.  The rest of them would make great specimen pieces to add to your collection.  We will apply prices to them when I return from my East Coast Art Festival trip.

This weekend, March 18th, 19th and 20th,  I will be at the Sugarloaf Crafts Festival at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks Pennsylvania.  We will have some new designs, as well as our original Magical Delights signature style handcrafted jewelry designs.  I look forward to seeing you there!!  If you would like more information about where Magical Delights Handcrafted Jewelry Designs will be appearing, you can refer to the Art Festival Page of our website at

We Have New Flames of Ishtar™ On Our Website!

December 17, 2010
New Flames of Ishtar™ Available Now

New Flames of Ishtar™ Available Now

We have several new incredibly unique and powerful New Flames of Ishtar™ available now on our website at

While traveling to Art Festivals during the year I kept most of our Flames of Ishtar™ with me on the road as I was going show to show.  Now that I am back in Wausau we have them available in our retail store and on our website for all to see!!

To highlight the new offerings I would like to finish reporting of Carol Clark’s comments from previous posts:

In a previous post about The Flame of Ishtar™.  I referenced a story of Carol Clarke of Body Works Healing Center in Plymouth Michigan.

Then I told another part of Carol’s story a few posts later and I had promised to finish the story in the next post but I guess it will be this post instead:)

Here is the final installment of her remarkable story!

Carol Clarke continues:

“Since I have been wearing this stone in my sessions, I know that when I wear it – the channel of energy is incredible – to the point of people telling me who are not energy sensitive at all that there is something different about me, that there is a different feel to their session that they just can’t put their finger on.  I feel like there is so much for me to do and it motivates me to take on big things.  I always meet the exact right people (that) I need to while wearing it.  And everyone tells me how absolutely gorgeous it is at every chance they have, not to mention the enormous change it has brought in so swiftly to my life where before I would have really resisted to it all but I am now more at peace.”

Another Unique Flame of Ishtar™

Another Unique Flame of Ishtar™

“But the thing I most agreed with you on, based on our conversation the other day, is how we are so infinite,  that when wearing it – you realize how infinite our worlds are and how the need for protection and healing is now. I have always hated having to be in my body ever since I was little.  I used to astral travel all the time.  This stone makes me realize why I have always felt like that – because whatever is beyond this reality – its so massive and encompassing that to feel an experience everything at one time is commonplace. “

“I have attracted some clients since wearing it that are close to death and are moving to the other side.  Mostly people afflicted with cancer or life threatening illnesses.  This stone has helped me calm them and take away earthly attachments so they can be most pure and whole when they get to their destination, (as if) the fear and depression and earth bound things don’t tie them here. I do a lot of psychic surgery in my Reiki treatments.  I take apart chakras and make them clear again.  I surgically remove all things that get in our way of our bodies being whole and complete and bring them back to white light level.  And let me tell you, I always have an Angelic surgical team on my side while performing my treatments, but never like the one I have now that helps me!!!”

“Its so hard to keep describing all the things it has been doing for me, but I truly can not thank you enough. I know that I was meant to meet Walter,, and he pointed me to you and that brought me to that piece.  It was like divine perfection!  So please share this with whomever and use whatever of this you can.  I hope very much to get more feedback on others who have the Flame changing their lives!”

“For the love of presence and light.” – Carol Clarke

Flame of Ishtar™

Flame of Ishtar™

I have one more report that I would like to include in this post.  Lucy Peerenboom, of Welcome Yoga and Thera-Move Method in Sedona Arizona had this to say about her Flame of Ishtar™.  It came just in time for her…

“Yesterday afternoon I was home with my little old dog Maya when she began her transition from this world.  I found her paralyzed from the neck down but was able to make her comfortable and be with her as she moved through the process surrounded by her 2 other sisters and brother canines and me.  As you can imagine, this was a very sad time since I have had her for almost 14 years and we have been through a great deal together.  I was feeling overwhelmed and I remembered that the ring you made for me might be in my mailbox so I went out there and there it was.  I placed it on my finger and felt like this was the stone I was to use to help little Maya release me and me her.  I held her and stroked her with the ring on my finger. It offered us both a soft, pure energy of comfort and love.  She is gone in body but this ring will always be special to me since it seemed to appear when both Maya and I needed it the most.  It is a ring which I will wear as a tribute to a very special little dog, Maya.  Thank you so very much, Bob.”

In Love and Light,
Lucy Peerenboom, M.A.,CYT,RYT
Welcome Yoga and Thera-Move Method

Thank you Lucy and Carol.  I am happy that this gift from the Universe is a part of your life.

To see these and other Flames of Ishtar™,  please visit our website – on the Flame of Ishtar™ on the far right on the menu bar.  Blessing to you and yours and may you have a Very Merry and Blessed Christmas!!

Bob Geisel
Magical Delights

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