We Have Exogenic Fulgurites!!

While I was in Tucson for the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show I saw some interesting things.  One the things that caught my eye was  something called Exogenic Fulgurites.

Exogenic Fulgurites

Exogenic Fulgurites

Normally they are “sand stuck by lightning” that resembles hardened fused silica that looks something like this smaller photo.


You can see more of this type of Fulgurite at the website for the Mineralogical Research Company. This is the usual type of Fulgurite.  Exogenic Fulgurites, on the other hand, are dark and shiny like the ones in the larger photo and are actually ejected from the original type of Fulgurite.  These are even more interested and very rare.  There is also a great article in Rocks and Mineral Magazine September/October 2004 Vol 79, No 5, pp334-340 if you are interested.

For more of the information on Exogenic Fulgurites, there are some on  Tektitesource.com.  He says on his website that he is the only one that owns any of this, but Magical Delights has some that will be for sale in the near future.

According to this article by  “Fulgurite is used as a tool for prayer and meditation. It arouses the kundalini energy and helps it to rise to inspirational heights, an awakening. The fulgurite can be used for manifesting and focus. Helps to clear clogged chakras as well.”  Sounds like it would be a great mineral to wear in a pendant now and in the future.

There are a few of the small round circles that would work well in a Pendant or a Finger Bracelet™.  The rest of them would make great specimen pieces to add to your collection.  We will apply prices to them when I return from my East Coast Art Festival trip.

This weekend, March 18th, 19th and 20th,  I will be at the Sugarloaf Crafts Festival at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks Pennsylvania.  We will have some new designs, as well as our original Magical Delights signature style handcrafted jewelry designs.  I look forward to seeing you there!!  If you would like more information about where Magical Delights Handcrafted Jewelry Designs will be appearing, you can refer to the Art Festival Page of our website at MagicalDelights.com


4 Responses to We Have Exogenic Fulgurites!!

  1. Thank you for your interest in Magical Delights!! We do have a few pieces that can be used for Jewelry and will be happy to send some photos out to you!!

  2. Dianne Cogdell says:

    Im interested in purchasing a piece of Exogenic Fulgerites or a pendant made of same. I’m located in Georgia so am not able to attend your show. Would you tell me how I can make my purchase? Thanks so much! God Bless.

  3. […] on this – such a busy Art Festival Season, but Magical Delights now has a limited number of Exogenic Fulgerites available.  It has been an adventure working with them.  So far we are quite pleased – as […]

  4. Sue Brown says:

    When will you have pieces made and pricing on the Exogenic Fulgurites?

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