Celebrate Body Mind Spirit Expo in Denver

September 24, 2013

Jean and I attended the Body Mind Spirit Celebration in Denver a couple of weeks ago.  It was in the middle of the Denver Merchandise Mart.

Celebrate Body Mind Spirit Expo Denver

Celebrate Body Mind Spirit Expo Denver

It was a big show, well run and was just before the big rain started.

Jeans Booth at Celebrate Body Mind Spirit Expo Denver

Jeans Booth at Celebrate Body Mind Spirit Expo Denver

Here is Jeans Booth.

We will in Columbus Ohio October 12th and 13th for the Universal Light Expo.  We will be doing an experimental set up with Beth Ann  KennedyJean Tindle and I.  The booth set up will be under the name Pink Heart Healing but it will be comprised of a complete display of and Pink Heart Healing Stones, Spirit Dancer Crystals and a also a complete display of Magical Delights Handcrafted Jewelry – the first time ever in the Columbus area!

We will also be offering Crystal Surgery  as taught by Vivien Shapera of Four Winds Academy of Healing Arts on site during the show.

Be sure to plan to spend some time at the Universal Light Expo on October 12th and 13th.  It is a big show and there will be lots and lots of people there with lots and lots to see.


Magical Delights at Body Mind Spirit in Northlake Illinois

April 17, 2012

Jean and I did the Body Mind Spirit Expo in Northlake Illinois.

Most of the usual characters were there.

Beth Ann Kennedy of Pink Heart Healing was there. 


Beth Ann Kennedy

       So was Steven Rosley of Rosley’s Rocks and Gems. 


Steven Rosley

And, also Digby Bertram of Avalon Trading Company.


Digby Bertram of Avalon

We were set up next to Eevelyn Walsh, Lee Ann Clarbour and Debbie Lopez of The Healing Triad. 

Healing_Triad_at Body_Mind_Spirit_Expo_ in_Northlake_ Illinois

The Healing Triad at Body Mind Spirit Expo in Northlake Illinois

I was almost brave enough to let them work on me!!

Jean had a great set up …


Jean Tindle's Spirit Dancer Crystals at Body Mind Spirit Expo

with lots of new stuff from The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show


Another Shot of Jean's Table at BMSE

for her Spirit Dancer Crystals Booth.  

The next weekend, I went to Fairhope Alabama for the  40th Annual Outdoor Art Show.


Eastern Shore Art Center


Another Shot of The Eastern Shore Art Show

Here is a shot of the street before we set up….


Street Before Setting Up

and here is the street after we set up…


This Is Our Street After Setting Up

The weather was ideal, the sales were slightly sub par, however…I even got yelled at by an Alabamian for not being a true believer.  There is a lot of underlying RAGE it seems there.  

Can Name Them Pretty Flowers in Southern Alabama

Can Name Them Pretty Flowers in Southern Alabama

Speaking of great weather,  Spring has really sprung in Southern Alabama

More Pretty Flowers From Southern Alabama

More Pretty Flowers From Southern Alabama

with lots of pretty flowers in bloom!!!

Pretty Sure That These Are Azaleas

Pretty Sure That These Are Azaleas

Anyone know the name any of these??

We were 1/2 block from the Fairhope Castle, which you can see here…

Fairhope Castle

Fairhope Castle

This is a second view of the Fairhope Castle.

Second View of Fairhope Castle

Second View of Fairhope Castle

And also another Castle on the grounds.

The Other Castle Down the Street

The Other Castle Down the Street

I also took a picture of the sign that was at the entrance,

The Top Part of the Sign

The Top Part of the Sign

because I wanted to remember what it said.

The Bottom Part of the Sign

The Bottom Part of the Sign

This weekend, April 21st and 22nd Jean and I will be attending the Victory of Light Expo in Cincinnati Ohio. 

Jean will be offering her Crystals, Minerals and Healing Tools for sale,  a sampling of which is highlighted in the above photos of her Spirit Dancer Crystals Booth!! Scoop will be also be on hand to help out and to offer some of his wealth of information on the subject!!

Stop out to see the great stuff that she has to offer!! 

For more information about Magical Delights and our busy Art Festival Schedule, be sure to see our website and Art Festival Page!!

Magical Delights Creates An Amazing Magic Wand

January 31, 2012

Magical Delights has just returned from Tucson for the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.  Many of our Amazing Magic Wands are available for our customers new and old in our booth at the Globex/Days Inn Gem Show, Tent 27!!

Here is a preview of what Magical Delights is offering and how our wands are created.

Now that we have a plan for our wand, it is now time to Solder the separate pieces together.

Here is a listing of the items used to create this great wand to assist with change:

Spirit Quartz – Bringing Thought to Change, To Meditate Clearly On It and See It Clearly.

Celestite – Clear Speech To Improve Mental Awareness.

Labrodorite – Helps With Transitions.

Iolite – Draws In Other Senses To Work On Change.

Topaz – Decreases Fear, Strengthener.

Gold For Strength and Projecting Energy

Hope you enjoyed our new blog format!!  More to Come!!

Watch for New Items Coming Soon to our website at www.MagicalDelights.com.  We will be creating great new items with our purchases at the  Tucson Gem and Mineral Show .

This weekend, March 2nd, 3rd and 4th, Magical Delights will be appearing with Jean Tindle and Spirit Dancer Crystals at the Body Mind Spirit Expo in Northlake, Il, (part of Chicago, Il), so if you are in the general vicinity, please stop by.  Or make a weekend out of it and come to see all of the wonderful speaker and exhibits.  Jean will be speaking on The Crystal Connection.  Sounds like a great event!!  Hope to see you there!!

Wow, It’s Hot Outside!!

July 22, 2011

Because it was going to be a REALLY hot weekend, I decided to be outside.  So, I went to “Artarama” in Eagle River, WI.  I actually had input to the layout of the show.  That was a first.  We got really “lucky” though and the clouds lingered all day which moderated the temperature a lot.  All in all, “Artarama” was an OK show, considering the economy, but they are going to have to be careful of that buy sell thing.  

Food Layout at Neenah Village

Food Layout at Neenah Village

Sunday I was in Neenah at the Bergstrum-Mahler Museum Art in the Park.  The organizers know how to take care of their vendors!!  They had a Party Saturday Night and a really nice breakfast layout for the morning with ICE TEA, several kinds of muffins and a FRUIT CUP.  WOW!!

Peggy McDaniel at Neenah

Peggy McDaniel at Neenah

Neenah Village

Neenah VillageThey also experimented with a new layout for the show. See Peggy McDaniel and Friends descussing the new set up.They put the vendors along the roads in the Park rather than in rows as before. It worked out OK, however, they neeed to connect the two ends so that people will come around again. Maybe next year. Neenah Art Festival Park

The weather got really hot with heat indexes of 110 to 115 so most customers were done by noon.

This coming weekend I will be appearing with Jean Tindle of Spirit Dancer Crystals at the Body Mind Spirit Expo in Austin, TX.  We have a great collection of wand that will be available to customers there.

Our next Art Festival s will be the Owatonna Festival of the Arts in Owatonna Minnesota on July 30th and 31st, and The Trout Museum’s 51st Annual Art in the Park in Appleton City Park, Appleton Wisconsin  on July 31st   .  Hope you can stop by to see us while we are there!!  Otherwise, by all means, please stop by our website as www.magicaldelights.com  to see what we have available there.

“Brand New Wands!!”

July 12, 2011
Titan Aura Point, Opals, Titan Aura Cluster, Opals, Titan Aura Point Wand

Titan Aura Point, Opals, Titan Aura Cluster, Opals, Titan Aura Point Wand

It seems that we currently have an abundance of “Brand New Wands”.  I was preparing for the Body Mind Spirit Event in Austin, Texas July 23 – 24 and we made this stellar bunch of wands.

We thought it would be grand to offer them up on line on the Amazing Magic Wand Page  of our website for the next week until I leave on July 21st.

Chlorite Included Quartz Point, Peridot, Two Emeralds, Chrysoprase, Seraphenite, Two Dioptase, Quartz Sphere Wand

Chlorite Included Quartz Point, Peridot, Two Emeralds, Chrysoprase, Seraphenite, Two Dioptase, Quartz Sphere Wand

I invite you to see them on the Magical Delights Handcrafted Jewelry Design website now.
Also, I would like to give a “shout out” to Viven Shapira in Cincinnati, Ohio as she and the Four Winds Academy are hosting a CrystalSurgery Class in Cincinnati, Ohio this weekend July 15th – 17th 2011.   Also, please see her website at 4windsacademy.org.

Garnet Agate, Citrine, Fire Opal, Citrine, Stibnite Wand

Garnet Agate, Citrine, Fire Opal, Citrine, Stibnite Wand

So, take advantage of this Wand Opportunity while it lasts!!

New Things Are Coming To Magical Delights!!

March 3, 2011

The year is whizzing by again and we at Magical Delights are getting ready for Spring.  I am off to do The Sugarloaf  Crafts Festivals in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and also a stop at A Bit of the West in Wickford, Rhode Island.  You may check our schedule on our Art Festival Page on our website at MagicalDelights.com.

We are hoping for a positive experience at these shows as two of them are new for us.

We have been working on a couple of new bracelet designs which we hope will catch on.  Also, we are working on a new pendant designs as well.

New Magical Delights Bracelet

New Magical Delights Bracelet

New Magical Delights Pendant

New Magical Delights Pendant

We developed new wand stands just prior to going to Tucson and found that people really seemed to like them.

New Wand Stand

New Wand Stand

Wand Stand With Moldavite

Wand Stand With Moldavite

There is some further work we need to do, but having Moldavite incorporated in the design adds a lot.

Close Up of Moldavite

Close Up of Moldavite

So there are new things from Magical Delights for 2011.  We would like to see some peace break out in the world.  It was interesting to see all the protesting going on ie: Madison Wisconsin, Egypt, Libia, Yemen, ect.  I hope that all these signs of change are going to turn out to be positive.

I will be stopping in Chicago to help Jean at the Body Mind Spirit Expo and then on to the East.

We have added a Retail Location Page on our website to let our customers know where they may be able to find Handcrafted Jewelry by Magical Delights at a store near you.  We also have some of our Magical Jewelry Creations available on our Etsy site at http://etsy.com/MagicalDelightDesign# and also on Festival Net at http://festivalnet.com/Magical_Delights

Flame of Ishtar™ Morontia Stone

August 26, 2010
"Light of the World" "Opener"

Flame of Ishtar™ Morontia Stone

Since it’s introduction in January 2010 we have many customers report their experiences with their Handcrafted Jewelry containing Flame of Ishtar™.

One of these is Carol Clarke of Bodyworks Healing Center in Plymouth Michigan, who writes “When I saw the piece at the Plymouth Art Show – I HAD to have it…it was like it was made just for me…I can’t describe the pull I got from it-I just knew I had to have it right then.  When my mom put the necklace on me, it was like a whole layer of vision was peeled away.  Like if there is truth to having  “the veil” as they put it-it was torn away.  I saw you and you were busy telling me everything I needed to know about the stone, but I could hardly hear a thing.  I was positively blinded by your aura.  Now I do auric reaadings and I see colors and divisions of light clearly.  But never as bright as right then.  Plus you had a bunch of fairies at your crown!  It was amazing.  I looked around – hard to concentrate clearly.  There was this overwhelming tingling at my feet and the energy pouring down on me was unbelievable!  It took me most of the day/night to get used to it all.  I felt this very warm protective shield come over me and I was feeling pretty fearless.”

To be continued…there is even more information to report about her experience with this special gift from the heavens. I will include more of her incredible information in the next post.

For more comments about our handcrafted jewelry featuring The Flame of Ishtar™, available exclusively thru Magical Delights you may click here.

Currently Magical Delights is arriving in Raleigh NC for the Body Mind Spirit Expo that will be located at:

NC State Fairgrounds, Kerr Scott Bldg
1025 Blue Ridge Rd,
Raleigh, NC

We have several of these wonderful Flames of Ishtar™ with us there so stop and and pick one out for yourself.

Or check out our Art Festival Schedule where you can choose from more of our unique and one of a kind jewelry designs by clicking here.

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