Celebrate Body Mind Spirit Expo in Denver

September 24, 2013

Jean and I attended the Body Mind Spirit Celebration in Denver a couple of weeks ago.  It was in the middle of the Denver Merchandise Mart.

Celebrate Body Mind Spirit Expo Denver

Celebrate Body Mind Spirit Expo Denver

It was a big show, well run and was just before the big rain started.

Jeans Booth at Celebrate Body Mind Spirit Expo Denver

Jeans Booth at Celebrate Body Mind Spirit Expo Denver

Here is Jeans Booth.

We will in Columbus Ohio October 12th and 13th for the Universal Light Expo.  We will be doing an experimental set up with Beth Ann  KennedyJean Tindle and I.  The booth set up will be under the name Pink Heart Healing but it will be comprised of a complete display of and Pink Heart Healing Stones, Spirit Dancer Crystals and a also a complete display of Magical Delights Handcrafted Jewelry – the first time ever in the Columbus area!

We will also be offering Crystal Surgery  as taught by Vivien Shapera of Four Winds Academy of Healing Arts on site during the show.

Be sure to plan to spend some time at the Universal Light Expo on October 12th and 13th.  It is a big show and there will be lots and lots of people there with lots and lots to see.


Meet Dave Toule – Our New Local Rock Friend

August 22, 2012

A little while back, we met a man who had stones – Dave Toule


Dave Toule of Merrill Wisconsin

– and his working partner Bob.  They found what they believe to be Garnets (in a really strange formation)


Raw Garnet

and Jade of different kinds, all from the Northern Part of Wisconsin and some of the U.P. of Michigan.


Raw Jade

Dave has a store front in Merrill where he has a bunch of rocks and minerals from around the area including Palio-Stone Tools, Raw Copper, Silver and other interesting mineral oddities.


Raw Copper

Dave and Bob will be leaving for Denver in a couple of weeks to see what kind of response they get from the World-Wide Rock People.  They will be attending the Denver Gem and Mineral Show in Denver Colorado, September 11th – 15th.

Magical Delights will also be heading out to Denver for the Denver Gem and Mineral Show to pick up some materials for making more of our Handcrafted Jewelry Designs.

Often when we are going to the Denver Gem and Mineral Show in the Fall, or Tucson Gem and Mineral Show in the Early Spring, we ask our customers if there is anything in particular that you are interested in, please let us know and we will see if we can find some of it there.

Speaking of events – Magical Delights will be appearing this weekend  Saturday and Sunday, August 25 and 26, 2012 in Downtown Green Bay Wisconsin for Artstreet.  Magical Delights looks forward to seeing all of our customers past, present and future!! this weekend!!  Stop out to see Magical Delights Handcrafted Jewelry Designs to see our great Signature, One of a Kind Gemstone and Mineral Jewelry Creations.
See the website to see more of our great Handcrafted Jewelry Designs at www.MagicalDelights.com.

Magical Delights Creates An Amazing Magic Wand

January 31, 2012

Magical Delights has just returned from Tucson for the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.  Many of our Amazing Magic Wands are available for our customers new and old in our booth at the Globex/Days Inn Gem Show, Tent 27!!

Here is a preview of what Magical Delights is offering and how our wands are created.

Now that we have a plan for our wand, it is now time to Solder the separate pieces together.

Here is a listing of the items used to create this great wand to assist with change:

Spirit Quartz – Bringing Thought to Change, To Meditate Clearly On It and See It Clearly.

Celestite – Clear Speech To Improve Mental Awareness.

Labrodorite – Helps With Transitions.

Iolite – Draws In Other Senses To Work On Change.

Topaz – Decreases Fear, Strengthener.

Gold For Strength and Projecting Energy

Hope you enjoyed our new blog format!!  More to Come!!

Watch for New Items Coming Soon to our website at www.MagicalDelights.com.  We will be creating great new items with our purchases at the  Tucson Gem and Mineral Show .

This weekend, March 2nd, 3rd and 4th, Magical Delights will be appearing with Jean Tindle and Spirit Dancer Crystals at the Body Mind Spirit Expo in Northlake, Il, (part of Chicago, Il), so if you are in the general vicinity, please stop by.  Or make a weekend out of it and come to see all of the wonderful speaker and exhibits.  Jean will be speaking on The Crystal Connection.  Sounds like a great event!!  Hope to see you there!!

Wow, It’s Hot Outside!!

July 22, 2011

Because it was going to be a REALLY hot weekend, I decided to be outside.  So, I went to “Artarama” in Eagle River, WI.  I actually had input to the layout of the show.  That was a first.  We got really “lucky” though and the clouds lingered all day which moderated the temperature a lot.  All in all, “Artarama” was an OK show, considering the economy, but they are going to have to be careful of that buy sell thing.  

Food Layout at Neenah Village

Food Layout at Neenah Village

Sunday I was in Neenah at the Bergstrum-Mahler Museum Art in the Park.  The organizers know how to take care of their vendors!!  They had a Party Saturday Night and a really nice breakfast layout for the morning with ICE TEA, several kinds of muffins and a FRUIT CUP.  WOW!!

Peggy McDaniel at Neenah

Peggy McDaniel at Neenah

Neenah Village

Neenah VillageThey also experimented with a new layout for the show. See Peggy McDaniel and Friends descussing the new set up.They put the vendors along the roads in the Park rather than in rows as before. It worked out OK, however, they neeed to connect the two ends so that people will come around again. Maybe next year. Neenah Art Festival Park

The weather got really hot with heat indexes of 110 to 115 so most customers were done by noon.

This coming weekend I will be appearing with Jean Tindle of Spirit Dancer Crystals at the Body Mind Spirit Expo in Austin, TX.  We have a great collection of wand that will be available to customers there.

Our next Art Festival s will be the Owatonna Festival of the Arts in Owatonna Minnesota on July 30th and 31st, and The Trout Museum’s 51st Annual Art in the Park in Appleton City Park, Appleton Wisconsin  on July 31st   .  Hope you can stop by to see us while we are there!!  Otherwise, by all means, please stop by our website as www.magicaldelights.com  to see what we have available there.

“Brand New Wands!!”

July 12, 2011
Titan Aura Point, Opals, Titan Aura Cluster, Opals, Titan Aura Point Wand

Titan Aura Point, Opals, Titan Aura Cluster, Opals, Titan Aura Point Wand

It seems that we currently have an abundance of “Brand New Wands”.  I was preparing for the Body Mind Spirit Event in Austin, Texas July 23 – 24 and we made this stellar bunch of wands.

We thought it would be grand to offer them up on line on the Amazing Magic Wand Page  of our website for the next week until I leave on July 21st.

Chlorite Included Quartz Point, Peridot, Two Emeralds, Chrysoprase, Seraphenite, Two Dioptase, Quartz Sphere Wand

Chlorite Included Quartz Point, Peridot, Two Emeralds, Chrysoprase, Seraphenite, Two Dioptase, Quartz Sphere Wand

I invite you to see them on the Magical Delights Handcrafted Jewelry Design website now.
Also, I would like to give a “shout out” to Viven Shapira in Cincinnati, Ohio as she and the Four Winds Academy are hosting a CrystalSurgery Class in Cincinnati, Ohio this weekend July 15th – 17th 2011.   Also, please see her website at 4windsacademy.org.

Garnet Agate, Citrine, Fire Opal, Citrine, Stibnite Wand

Garnet Agate, Citrine, Fire Opal, Citrine, Stibnite Wand

So, take advantage of this Wand Opportunity while it lasts!!

Little Art Fairs in June and July

July 7, 2011
Lodi Art Fair

Lodi Art Fair

We’ve done three Shows in  the last month, Snake Alley Art Fair in Burlington Iowa, Fountain Square Art Festival in Evanston Illinois,  and Lodi’s 48th Annual “Art in the Park” Show and Sale in Lodi Wisconsin.  As you can see, it is a nice setting, very pleasant.  We had a glorious day, too.  There were a lot of my friends here as well.

Tim Miller of Trademark Traditions

Tim Miller of Trademark Traditions

This is Tim Miller of Trademark,  (he’s just setting up).  I came by to slow him down so I could sell more stuff :))

John the Ringman's Son

John the Ringman's Son

Also, John the Ringman’s sons David and Michael were here helping the Family Business to prosper, which is only right.

Customer Trying on a Finger Bracelet™ as a Toe Ring

Customer Trying on a Finger Bracelet™ as a Toe Ring

Oddly, enough, one young woman was trying on a Finger Bracelet™ to use as a toe ring.  Even though it was a great day with fine ambiance, sales, fortunately, were slow and I came home with lots of stock.

So, you can order on line at Magical Delights.com!!

We Have Some Great Zeolites Here In The Store!!

June 4, 2011
Zeolites at Magical Delights

Zeolites at Magical Delights

Bob is back from his vacation for a couple of hours and now is off and gone – on his was to his Art Festival where he will be appearing at The 50th and France 44th Annual Edina Art Fair in Edina Minnesota that runs from June 3rd thru June 5th.

He has hit the ground running and he is off doing the next thing and has asked me to put this post up for him once again.

As he was leaving he looked at this great display and decided that we should put it on the website so that people will have an opportunity to see these great finds.  Some of them are literally one of a kind because we may never see another like it.  Bob sees a lot of really cool and interesting things at The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show and also at the The 44th Annual Denver Gem and Mineral Show.

Quoting from Love Is In The Earth Crystal and Mineral Encyclopedia by Melody, “…as a new group name, (it) was first reported in 1756 by A.F. Cronsteldt and was named from the Greek words meaning “to boil” and “rock” in reference the intumescence of the minerals during the blowpipe portion of the analysis.  “Zeolites, in general, have assisted in the improvement of the environment and to ethereally absorb toxic products and odors;  gridding with Zeolites around waste dumps has also been effective. “

“It is an excellent energy for Reiki, to further ones actions and to stimulate the proper response to the energies applied.”

“Picture Zeolite has been used to facilitate a clear channel for communication between the physical plane and other planes of existence.  It promotes concurrent communication between the self and a multitude of different worlds with centering upon the identical topic.”

The mineral can be used to cleanse the aura (eliminating both the negativity and the impurities), to cleanse all of the chakras, and to provide for the clearing of the pathway so that the physical and ethereal planes have the required electrical connection to provide perfection.”  Thanks, Melody for such great information!!

Close Up of Zeolites at Magical Delights

Close Up of Zeolites at Magical Delights

After reading about all of the great properites of Zeolites, I can certainly understand why it would be such a great mineral for use during Reiki and other energy healing!!   In fact, I can’t imagine how any one would want to be with out one!!  Especially these days!!

Left Side Zeolites

So, in light of that I am busy, busy, busy adding these great Zeolites to a new page on the website at MagicalDelights.com named Zeolites!!  It may take me a little time to populate all of the information including approximate sizes and several different angles.   While you are there be sure to check out the new items of Handcrafted Jewelry Designs that we have added to our UniqueFinger BraceletPage, Original Gemstone Bracelet Page, Designer Gemstone Pendant Page and Amazing Magic Wand and Amazing  Magic Wandlet Pages.  There is even a Jewelry Gallery Page with a selection of several of each to easily see them at a glance!!

Right Side ZeolitesIf the information is not there yet when you first look, please bookmark the page so that you can come back often to see the cool surprises that will be there on display.  And, also, be sure to take in the The 50th and France 44th Annual Edina Art Fair in Edina Minnesota, this weekend!!  Bob will love seeing you so be sure to stop in while you are in town!!

For more information about where Handcrafted Jewelry by Magical Delights will be appearing, please check out our Art Show Page on our website, www.MagicalDelights.com .

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