Spring Fever

So excuse me for not writing for a while.  I had many good ideas but when it came to writing them down and sharing them with others they became a confused jumble.

I haven’t even been able to determine the cause…Spring (the changing of the season), global politics (the disruption of the Status Quo), social forces (Facebook et.al), travel (since January I’ve been to the Southwest, Mid South, Mid West, East Coast and back), or dis-ease (I have some infection that I can’t get rid of).

I think the answer might be dis-ease caused by all the above and translated into down time for your writer.

Certainly change is afoot and we all should get ready for it…How do you ask?

  • Start by knowing yourself.
  • Then sensing the world around you that is created by knowing yourself.
  • Take care of your physical self.
  • And know that you are always in the “Lake of Wellbeing” and only when you remove yourself from that you get in trouble.
  • Too much input might well contribute to pulling oneself out of the “Lake” so,
  • Take time for the Spring tonic of meditation, going within, settling down, or just seeing nature unfold.

Happy Spring and I’ll see you on the road.

Some of the places that I will be are The Madison Audubon Society Art Fair, at the Warner Park Community Center Madison Wisconsinon Saturday May 7th,  The Syttende Mai Folk Festival in Stoughton Wisconsin May 13th -15th,  and DuPage County’s Spring Fling Arts and Crafts Show, Dupage County Fairgrounds in Wheaton Illinois on May 21st and 22nd.  For more information on Art Festivals where Magical Delights will be appearing you can see our Art Festival Page on our website at MagicalDelights.com .


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