Wow, It’s Hot Outside!!

Because it was going to be a REALLY hot weekend, I decided to be outside.  So, I went to “Artarama” in Eagle River, WI.  I actually had input to the layout of the show.  That was a first.  We got really “lucky” though and the clouds lingered all day which moderated the temperature a lot.  All in all, “Artarama” was an OK show, considering the economy, but they are going to have to be careful of that buy sell thing.  

Food Layout at Neenah Village

Food Layout at Neenah Village

Sunday I was in Neenah at the Bergstrum-Mahler Museum Art in the Park.  The organizers know how to take care of their vendors!!  They had a Party Saturday Night and a really nice breakfast layout for the morning with ICE TEA, several kinds of muffins and a FRUIT CUP.  WOW!!

Peggy McDaniel at Neenah

Peggy McDaniel at Neenah

Neenah Village

Neenah VillageThey also experimented with a new layout for the show. See Peggy McDaniel and Friends descussing the new set up.They put the vendors along the roads in the Park rather than in rows as before. It worked out OK, however, they neeed to connect the two ends so that people will come around again. Maybe next year. Neenah Art Festival Park

The weather got really hot with heat indexes of 110 to 115 so most customers were done by noon.

This coming weekend I will be appearing with Jean Tindle of Spirit Dancer Crystals at the Body Mind Spirit Expo in Austin, TX.  We have a great collection of wand that will be available to customers there.

Our next Art Festival s will be the Owatonna Festival of the Arts in Owatonna Minnesota on July 30th and 31st, and The Trout Museum’s 51st Annual Art in the Park in Appleton City Park, Appleton Wisconsin  on July 31st   .  Hope you can stop by to see us while we are there!!  Otherwise, by all means, please stop by our website as  to see what we have available there.


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  1. Thanks for the in-depth information. I’ve no idea on this topic till I read this article. Well, it’s time well spent reading your article so much so that I’ve bookmarked it and will visit regularly and read what you have published. Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you so much!!! It is great to hear from people who have read our posts – it even better yet when they say such wonderful things about them!! Hope you enjoy the new stuff coming soon!!!

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