Spirit Dancer Crystals Holds Crystal Class in Wausau WI

May 6, 2014

Jean Tindle of Spirit Dancer Crystals came to Wausau and presented an introduction of the Four Winds Academy Crystal Surgery materials.


Crystal Class Students

She also presented some information about the North Peruvian Shamanic Traditions that she teaches.

The event was held at the Health Touch Spa (thank you John and Joy Anderson).


Crystal Class in Wausau WI

The spa facility is a wonderful place for this kind of event.

The class was 6 hours with another hour for questions and further information, the buying of stones and getting acquainted.


Third Chakra Stone Layout

We hope to have another event later in the year, perhaps the end of October.

Be sure to see us this weekend at our next show this weekend May 10th and 11th at Beaux Arts Fair in Davenport Iowa.  We will be there both Saturday and Sunday so stop out and see us!!



Tucson Report from Magical Delights

March 24, 2014

Returning Home From Tucson

Ok.  So now it’s Mid March close to the Ides, and Magical Delights has returned from 4 lovely weeks in Tucson. The first thing we did was buy Jean a hat to protect her from the sun on our hike.


Jean and Her New Hat

We then got to work and set up the shop.


Magical Delights Booth at Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

Holly stopped by to say hello and people began showing up.


Jean and Holly at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

The set up was in the same area as last year,


Booth Across From Us at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show



Here is a Person Taking a Photo of the Tables Across From Us


we will be moving in 2015 to The Pueblo Gem Show, mainly because I think it will be a better venue for Magical Delights – with fewer big stone dealers, more gems and jewelry “more our style”.


Here is a shot of Vicjon at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

Here are some great Amethyst Cathedrals that we saw.


Amethyst Cathedrals at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show


More Amethyst Cathedrals



While we were there we had a nice place to stay – complete with our own back yard.  I like it so much that I just had to sit there and take in all in – complete with a photo including my feet.


Our Back Yard at Tucson

Once again I saw the vermillion fly catcher and tried to get a picture.


Vermillion Fly Catcher

…and here is another shot of the Vermillion Fly Catcher.


Vermillion Fly Catcher


Vermillion Fly Catcher


Vermillion Fly Catcher

Over all we had a good show and the weather held up. We saw the Ogijeski’s and added to the stone blog – http://stonepie.blogspot.com/ which we hope will be ongoing.

Our next upcoming shows are the Victory of Light in Cincinnati OH and the Edge Life Expo in Fargo ND.

As always you can see more on our Website at www.MagicalDelights.com and you can see our show schedule page at MagicalDelights.om

Celebrate Body Mind Spirit Expo in Denver

September 24, 2013

Jean and I attended the Body Mind Spirit Celebration in Denver a couple of weeks ago.  It was in the middle of the Denver Merchandise Mart.

Celebrate Body Mind Spirit Expo Denver

Celebrate Body Mind Spirit Expo Denver

It was a big show, well run and was just before the big rain started.

Jeans Booth at Celebrate Body Mind Spirit Expo Denver

Jeans Booth at Celebrate Body Mind Spirit Expo Denver

Here is Jeans Booth.

We will in Columbus Ohio October 12th and 13th for the Universal Light Expo.  We will be doing an experimental set up with Beth Ann  KennedyJean Tindle and I.  The booth set up will be under the name Pink Heart Healing but it will be comprised of a complete display of and Pink Heart Healing Stones, Spirit Dancer Crystals and a also a complete display of Magical Delights Handcrafted Jewelry – the first time ever in the Columbus area!

We will also be offering Crystal Surgery  as taught by Vivien Shapera of Four Winds Academy of Healing Arts on site during the show.

Be sure to plan to spend some time at the Universal Light Expo on October 12th and 13th.  It is a big show and there will be lots and lots of people there with lots and lots to see.

Tucson 2013

April 18, 2013

Tucson 2013 was an event filled with changes.  On a sad note a number of old friends were missing – some had passed, others didn’t or weren’t able to show up.  A notable difference was the absence of many of Magical Delights Japanese customers. 

Magical Delights Booth - Tuscon 2013

Magical Delights Booth – Tuscon 2013

We found out that the Yen had been devalued and that meant that products in dollars were more expensive then they had been.  A number of old European customers didn’t attend as well.  All this seems to reflect the world-wide economic difficulties.  So the world continues to get “smaller” and make us all more dependent on everyone (and each other).

Our accommodations @ Sonaran Palms were good as usual, however, we spent the first two weeks of our stay dinning out more frequently than we usually do.  We finally went to Bob Dobbs with the  Bob and Sue Obijiski’ after many years of trying.  At that event we hit upon a new list of stones and their properties which we will begin to introduce soon. 

Jess Keeting has already begun to mention a few, ie, Launderite, Moranite, ect.  Magical Delights will start by acquainting you with ucranium.  Here are some examples from Jess Keeting:







Again we enjoyed Athens on Fourth and as always, Marisco’s Chihuahua. We made the pilgrimage to Daisy Mae’s as well with Vivien and Neil who had not been there.  This year we found a new Indian Restaurant on Broadway – New Delhi Palace that Nancy LaValley and I always went to for lunch…dinner is good there , especially the Lasis’.

I took Jean to La Fuente with Walter but it was noisy and not so good.  1 star.

Sales were improved from the last two years and we came away with a profit – Yay!!  I sold a lot more jewelry but fewer wands.  I suppose that that was because the Japanese weren’t there.

Jean and I shopped as hard as we could and found some good stuff.  You can see Jean’s pieces at SpiritDancerCrystals.com

As for me, my two favorites were two exquisite Apophyllites from Elite Gems (which they saved for me).

Apophyllite Stalagmites

Apophyllite Stalagmites

Thanks to Manech and Maresh!!

I rendered one of the clusters and it yielded 9 really good Flames of Ishtar

Flame of Ishtar™

Flame of Ishtar™

The other really good find was some Bixbite in Ryolite (Red Emerald in Matrix) from Equatorian Exports.  The largest one is for sale for $400.00 – approximate size – 1/2 inch wide by 3/4 inch.

Bixbite in Ryolite

Bixbite in Ryolite

Here are some other finds – Lepidocrosite in Quartz.



Cinnabar in Quartz.

Cinnabar in Quartz

Cinnabar in Quartz

Vibrant Blue Amazonite.

Vibrant Blue Amazonite

Vibrant Blue Amazonite

The weather was difficult. It did not cooperate very well.  First it was hot and then it was cold and then it was hot and then it was cold!!  But, all in all it was a successful trip. 

Next we are off to the Edge Life Expo at Fargo North Dakota!!

 Jean with her Spirit Dancer Crystals , and I with my Magical Delights will be appearing April 20th and 20st inside the Fargo Civics Center.  Stop out to see us if you are in town!! 

As always, you can see more of our Magical Delights Handcrafted Jewelry on our website at www.MagicalDelights.com


Magical Delights – Getting Ready for The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

January 14, 2013

We at Magical Delights have had a busy time trying to prepare for the annual “Treck to Tucson”, for the big show – The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show!!

We concentrated on Wands early

Cathedral Quartz, Topaz, Larimar, Topaz, Quartz Crystal Sphere Wand.

Cathedral Quartz, Topaz, Larimar, Topaz, Quartz Crystal Sphere Wand.

And made some really super ones!   Also with the help of our friend Dave Toule, we developed a larger size tumbler so that we could make bigger wands.  After we got done with those we made wandlets.

Amethyst Poin, Pink Topaz, Opal, Peridot Aventurine Wandlet

Amethyst Point, Pink Topaz, Opal, Peridot Aventurine Wandlet

Danburite, Green Tourmaline, Morganite, Danburite Wandlet

Danburite, Green Tourmaline, Morganite, Danburite Wandlet

Then I had two trips I needed to make, one to Cincinnati for the Victory of Light with Jean and then Jean and I went to New York for Christmas with her sister who had been displaced by Hurricane Sandy.

After getting back we concentrated on bracelets and big Pendants.

Aqua Aura, Topazes, Large Fairy Pendant

Aqua Aura, Topazes Large Fairy Pendant

Danburites Large Mermaid Pendant

Emerald Cluster, Danburites Large Mermaid Pendant

and now we are ready to go to Tucson.

Have a good New Year and a short winter…and hope to see some of you in Tucson for the Gem and Mineral Show – we will be in our usual location – Tent 27 at Days Inn.  Be sure to stop by to see all the great new stuff that we have been working on!!  We will be there from January 25 thru Feb 15 and perhaps until noon on the 16th but shortly after that we will be packing up, so come early if you can!!  See you there!!


Magical Delights at Artstreet in Green Bay

October 10, 2012

This was one of our neighbors at Artstreet in Green Bay WI.


Vibhas Kendzia at Artstreet in Green Bay, WI.


There were several streets full of vendors.


Bob Hale of North Branch Minnesota

Bob Hale’s Creations by Hand from North Branch Minnesota was there.

Greg Dinauer of Mirage Glass was also there.


Greg Dinauer of Mirage Glass

Connie Thompson was there with her great Dolls for sale.  Her website is ConnieThompsonArt.com.


Connie Thompson Art

Volunteers of whom there were many at Artstreet including these two who were picking up silent auction pieces and distributing tee shirts. 


Girls Passing Out T-Shirts

Here we have Christie Larson with her Crazy Cats Designs – who was our neighbor last year.


Christie Larson of Crazy Cats Designs

My old friend Diane Pecor from Maricopa, Arizona was there with all of her silverware jewelry.


Diane Pecor Jewelry

Here is a photo of her booth.


Diane Pecor’s Booth

And here is her table with some of her signature pieces.


Diane Pecor’s Table

In fact, here is a close up photo of her work.

Diane PeCor Jewelry Close Up

Diane Pecor Jewelry Close Up

At this show there appeared that there was some kind of Psychedelic Flat Work which looked a lot like Huichol Arts.

These are the beautiful works of Gisela Magdalena Moyer of Green Bay.


Psychedelic Items by Gisela Magdalena Moyer of Green Bay


There were even more of the Psychedelic Flat Work provided by Nicholas Ringelstetter.


Nicholas Ringelstetter’s Atomic 7 Studio


More Psychedelic  by Nicholas Ringelstetter

You can find more of his items at his website – Atomic 7 Studio.com.

And now, here is some more of the beautiful music from Vibhas Kendzia

<p>Vibhas Kendrzai offered his beautiful flute music during Artstreet in Green Bay WI.</p>

We still have a few more Artists to go!!  We also saw Bruce Lee Rose, from Neenah WI with his Rose Instruments creations!!


Rose Instruments by Bruce Lee Rose

Here are more general vendors setting up…


More General Vendors Setting Up

And of course, we can not leave out the Big Bugs!!


Giant Bugs

Last but not least, we have Magical Delights!!  You can find Magical Delights in this photo, third on the left!!


Magical Delights Booth is the 3rd One on the Left

Or, better yet, here is a close up of our Magical Delights Booth.
Be sure to check out our website at Magical Delights.com for new items coming soon!!!!


Our Magical Delights Booth

Before we go, here are a couple of friends of Magical Delights that came to visit our booth, whose names shall remain anonymous to protect the innocent.


Friends of Magical Delights

In closing, here is one more video of Vibhas Kendzia that ends with a couple more of our great customers and friends.

<p>Vibhas Kendzia offered his beautiful music to vendors and customers alike.</p>








Meet Dave Toule – Our New Local Rock Friend

August 22, 2012

A little while back, we met a man who had stones – Dave Toule


Dave Toule of Merrill Wisconsin

– and his working partner Bob.  They found what they believe to be Garnets (in a really strange formation)


Raw Garnet

and Jade of different kinds, all from the Northern Part of Wisconsin and some of the U.P. of Michigan.


Raw Jade

Dave has a store front in Merrill where he has a bunch of rocks and minerals from around the area including Palio-Stone Tools, Raw Copper, Silver and other interesting mineral oddities.


Raw Copper

Dave and Bob will be leaving for Denver in a couple of weeks to see what kind of response they get from the World-Wide Rock People.  They will be attending the Denver Gem and Mineral Show in Denver Colorado, September 11th – 15th.

Magical Delights will also be heading out to Denver for the Denver Gem and Mineral Show to pick up some materials for making more of our Handcrafted Jewelry Designs.

Often when we are going to the Denver Gem and Mineral Show in the Fall, or Tucson Gem and Mineral Show in the Early Spring, we ask our customers if there is anything in particular that you are interested in, please let us know and we will see if we can find some of it there.

Speaking of events – Magical Delights will be appearing this weekend  Saturday and Sunday, August 25 and 26, 2012 in Downtown Green Bay Wisconsin for Artstreet.  Magical Delights looks forward to seeing all of our customers past, present and future!! this weekend!!  Stop out to see Magical Delights Handcrafted Jewelry Designs to see our great Signature, One of a Kind Gemstone and Mineral Jewelry Creations.
See the website to see more of our great Handcrafted Jewelry Designs at www.MagicalDelights.com.

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