Experiences With The Flame of Ishtar™

It’s been a while since the last blog because I’ve been on The East Coast presenting Magical Delights to the customers and friends there.  While I enjoyed the people and met some really aware new friends, Dawn, Robin, Rhonda, Eve and many more, I came back with the sad feeling that the East Coast Corridor is WAY too crowded.  It seems as we make technological, cultural and social advances, they don’t improve the human condition, but rather make it worse.  I think we may be missing something.

"Light of the World" "Opener"

Flame of Ishtar™

With that in mind I looked at the responses about  The Flames of Ishtar™ that we have received so far to see if and how they are helping people.  So far this is what I have heard.

Beth Ann Kenndy : reports that The Flame of Ishtar™ is speaking to her on a daily basis and opening up what can only be called “New Vistas”.  She will be writing more.

Vivien Shapera tells us that she uses her The Flame of Ishtar™ daily to perform Crystal Surgery and that her Four Winds Acadamy is going through big changes.

Barbara McVey says “the biggest impact I notice is a sense of calming and safety when I put The Flame of Ishtar™ on.  It is as if I am wrapped in having comfort”  Personally that is what I feel as well.

Jean Tindle, has been sharing with me that she can only wear The Flame of Ishtar™ while in ceremony or else she feels like she is “traveling away”.

These are some interesting results.  I will flesh in more information as information becomes available.

Flame of Ishtar™ Pendant

Flame of Ishtar™ Pendant

We now have  The Flame of Ishtar™ available on the Designer Gemstone Pendant Page of our Magical Delights™ Website.

Also, check out our Art Festival Page to see what  where Magical Delights™ will be appearing with The Flame of Ishtar™


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  1. […] Since it’s introduction in January 2010 we have many customers report their experiences with their Handcrafted Jewelry containing Flame of Ishtar™. […]

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