About Magical Delights


Examples of Magical Delights Handcrafted Jewelry

Magical Delights has been creating our own Signature Style Handcrafted Jewelry Designs for over 30 years!  If you have had the pleasure to find us at an Art Festival near you, you may have become one of our many happy and satisfied customers!!

Using colored and semi precious gem stones and minerals, with Gold Fill and Argentium Sterling Silverwe create our one of a kind wearable art that you can enjoy for years to come.


4 Responses to About Magical Delights

  1. Diane from Wausau says:

    I have bought finger bracelets for each of my nieces for their 18th birthdays. Is there a way to contact you to place an order?

  2. Hi,
    I love your magic wands. I know you do customized wands! I’m not sure how to complete an order or how to design a wand? I love most of the ones you guys do! Is it okay to choose from one you have on your website already made?

    Thank you,

    Susan Graf-Cote

  3. Stacey says:

    I recently lost my ring. it was my absolute favorite piece of jewelry and I’m devastated. came to the website to see about purchasing a replacement but it doesn’t seem that Magical Delights is in business?

  4. Lori Jojo says:

    I would like to purchase a flame of Ishtar pendant and a wand.
    Where on the website do I find your selections and buy them. I look so forward to hearing for you.
    Thank you
    Lori Jo

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