Flame of Ishtar™

Flame of Ishtar™ -  Morontia Stone™

Flame of Ishtar™

Magical Delights™ feels that we have been given the opportunity to introduce a heretofore unknown formation of a favorite stone to be used in a new application.

The formation was startling enough to produce wonderment leading to a channel which made the revelation that this stone was linked with higher regions or dimensions and the “Light”, (sight beyond).  As Astarte/Ishtar incorporates these same qualities, the finished pieces were called “The Flame of Ishtar™”.

For centuries, Ishtar (Astarte) has been linked with the “Heaven” (The As Above) and the “Light” (Light of the World).  Now that we are about to enter the long prophesized “end times”, this “Flame” is revealed.  The “Flame” can be none other than a physical portal to help reveal to the user the “dimensions” of the coming changes, changes so encompassing, that a new way of looking  and seeing has been offered in the appearance of these “Flames of Ishtar™.

Flame of Ishtar™ Wand

Our customer, Vivien Shapera , tells us that she uses her The Flame of Ishtar™Crystal Surgery Practice. daily in her

Another customer Barbara McVey reports “the biggest impact I notice is a sense of calming and safety when I put The Flame of Ishtar™ on.  It is as if I am wrapped in having comfort”.  Personally, that is what I feel as well.

Jean Tindle, has been sharing with me that she can only wear The Flame of Ishtar™ while in ceremony or else she feels like she is “traveling away”.

Beth Ann Kennedy , who is a gifted Spiritual Intuitive who initially reported that The Flame of Ishtar™ was speaking to her on a daily basis and opening up what can only be called “New Vistas”.  She promised to write more..We recently received her full report.  Here is her report reprinted in its entirety.  To learn more about Beth Ann Kennedy, you may visit her website at www.pinkhearthealing.com.

“When I received the flame in February I was told by my guides to wear it for 90 days straight.  As a crystal healer and a person who uses stones every day, I thought this was rather unusual, due to the fact it was such a definitive amount of time. I did what I was told and this is what I have gathered so far:”

“The flame is a portal of pure light.  Light is the essence, the manifestation of pure love, the divine force that drives the universe.  The shape of the flame within the stone mirrors the shape of the portal of light which lies with in every creature on this planet.  It is also the shape of the portals of light which emanate from the Earth Mother as well, the one who gave us our form.  There are portals to other dimensions all over the surface of the earth and this stone not only connects you to the light but can direct you to any of these portals on or within the earth herself.”

“As humans, we witness the absence of light within ourselves and in others on a daily basis.  It is the disconnection from this light that is a major cause or agitation of many of our core issues.   We have all experienced either consciously or unconsciously, when someone ‘takes’ our light.  This may be an individual or even a group that is in a place of non-awareness and absorbs light from others due to selfishness or ignorance.  We leave their presence, feeling drained, hurt, or bad, or like we have been slimed.  It is the essence of one’s own divine self and without the light, that is when we enter into fear, negativity, doubt, control, the forces that block the light.”

“The Flame of Ishtar™ is a teaching stone.  It is here to teach us about light and our light within.  It has come to us in a time of great transformation on the earth and it is here to help raise our awareness.  It is a teaching element that can be used by us just beginning on our spiritual path, helping to open you up to new experiences and to make you aware of your own light. For those of us who have been working on this path for a while, it is a very advanced tool, allowing you to access a higher vibration.”

We, at Magical Delights appreciate the comments from our customers and would love to hear more feedback from others who have purchased jewelry with this amazing stone.  We look forward to offering them to more people as we offer our Handcrafted Creations to customers, be they new customers or customers that seek us out for more of our signature style jewelry at events where we can be found during each Art Festival Season.  To see our Art Festival Schedule click here.


10 Responses to Flame of Ishtar™

  1. I am interested in purchasing a Flame if Ishtar pendant. I live in Arizona. Please send me information about availability and cost. Thank you.

  2. nicole says:

    I am very interested in purchasing one of these necklaces. Can you please contact me & let me know if that is possible? Thank you so much,

  3. Usuk says:

    Your flame of Ishtar is quartz

    • It is a Calcite Crystal inside an Apophyllite Cluster.

  4. My sister bookmarked this webpage for me and I have been going through it for the past several hours. This is really going to benefit me and my friends for our class project. By the way, I like the way you write.

    • Thank you for the feed back. Glad you enjoyed the post!!

  5. Aaron Azrael says:

    id like to add a Flame of Ishtar™ Morontia Stone to my collection where can i purchase one

    • Jan says:

      Thank you for your request. Usually we have some for sale on the website but we have some for sale in our retail location. I could send photos of the ones that we have currently in stock if you would like. I look forward to your reply.

    • Jan says:

      Just sending a note to let you know that we now have Flame of Ishtar™ Pendants on our website. Look for the tab at the top far right side of the menu bar:)

      Hope you will find one that calls for you!!

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