Celebrate Body Mind Spirit Expo in Denver

September 24, 2013

Jean and I attended the Body Mind Spirit Celebration in Denver a couple of weeks ago.  It was in the middle of the Denver Merchandise Mart.

Celebrate Body Mind Spirit Expo Denver

Celebrate Body Mind Spirit Expo Denver

It was a big show, well run and was just before the big rain started.

Jeans Booth at Celebrate Body Mind Spirit Expo Denver

Jeans Booth at Celebrate Body Mind Spirit Expo Denver

Here is Jeans Booth.

We will in Columbus Ohio October 12th and 13th for the Universal Light Expo.  We will be doing an experimental set up with Beth Ann  KennedyJean Tindle and I.  The booth set up will be under the name Pink Heart Healing but it will be comprised of a complete display of and Pink Heart Healing Stones, Spirit Dancer Crystals and a also a complete display of Magical Delights Handcrafted Jewelry – the first time ever in the Columbus area!

We will also be offering Crystal Surgery  as taught by Vivien Shapera of Four Winds Academy of Healing Arts on site during the show.

Be sure to plan to spend some time at the Universal Light Expo on October 12th and 13th.  It is a big show and there will be lots and lots of people there with lots and lots to see.


Tucson 2013

April 18, 2013

Tucson 2013 was an event filled with changes.  On a sad note a number of old friends were missing – some had passed, others didn’t or weren’t able to show up.  A notable difference was the absence of many of Magical Delights Japanese customers. 

Magical Delights Booth - Tuscon 2013

Magical Delights Booth – Tuscon 2013

We found out that the Yen had been devalued and that meant that products in dollars were more expensive then they had been.  A number of old European customers didn’t attend as well.  All this seems to reflect the world-wide economic difficulties.  So the world continues to get “smaller” and make us all more dependent on everyone (and each other).

Our accommodations @ Sonaran Palms were good as usual, however, we spent the first two weeks of our stay dinning out more frequently than we usually do.  We finally went to Bob Dobbs with the  Bob and Sue Obijiski’ after many years of trying.  At that event we hit upon a new list of stones and their properties which we will begin to introduce soon. 

Jess Keeting has already begun to mention a few, ie, Launderite, Moranite, ect.  Magical Delights will start by acquainting you with ucranium.  Here are some examples from Jess Keeting:







Again we enjoyed Athens on Fourth and as always, Marisco’s Chihuahua. We made the pilgrimage to Daisy Mae’s as well with Vivien and Neil who had not been there.  This year we found a new Indian Restaurant on Broadway – New Delhi Palace that Nancy LaValley and I always went to for lunch…dinner is good there , especially the Lasis’.

I took Jean to La Fuente with Walter but it was noisy and not so good.  1 star.

Sales were improved from the last two years and we came away with a profit – Yay!!  I sold a lot more jewelry but fewer wands.  I suppose that that was because the Japanese weren’t there.

Jean and I shopped as hard as we could and found some good stuff.  You can see Jean’s pieces at SpiritDancerCrystals.com

As for me, my two favorites were two exquisite Apophyllites from Elite Gems (which they saved for me).

Apophyllite Stalagmites

Apophyllite Stalagmites

Thanks to Manech and Maresh!!

I rendered one of the clusters and it yielded 9 really good Flames of Ishtar

Flame of Ishtar™

Flame of Ishtar™

The other really good find was some Bixbite in Ryolite (Red Emerald in Matrix) from Equatorian Exports.  The largest one is for sale for $400.00 – approximate size – 1/2 inch wide by 3/4 inch.

Bixbite in Ryolite

Bixbite in Ryolite

Here are some other finds – Lepidocrosite in Quartz.



Cinnabar in Quartz.

Cinnabar in Quartz

Cinnabar in Quartz

Vibrant Blue Amazonite.

Vibrant Blue Amazonite

Vibrant Blue Amazonite

The weather was difficult. It did not cooperate very well.  First it was hot and then it was cold and then it was hot and then it was cold!!  But, all in all it was a successful trip. 

Next we are off to the Edge Life Expo at Fargo North Dakota!!

 Jean with her Spirit Dancer Crystals , and I with my Magical Delights will be appearing April 20th and 20st inside the Fargo Civics Center.  Stop out to see us if you are in town!! 

As always, you can see more of our Magical Delights Handcrafted Jewelry on our website at www.MagicalDelights.com


New Flame of Ishtar™ Experiences

October 21, 2010

For the most part the Summer Season is over and I have had the full event season to show The Flame of Ishtar™.

Flame of Ishtar

Flame of Ishtar

The response has been very much like the response to Moldavite back 15-20 years ago.  There is a certain co-hort of people who are attracted to it and they are strongly attached.  Most of them are people in helping professions and those who must supply answers.  Most all were women.  Most Men don’t even seem to see it.

Flame of Ishtar with Herkimer

Flame of Ishtar with Herkimer

So far of the 112 pieces that we were able to make 52 of them have been sold.  So there are about 46 people working with The Flame of Ishtar™ and are reporting back.

Following are some of their responses:

Vivien Schapera,who teaches and practices Crystal Surgery at her Four Winds Academy in Cincinnati Ohio has this to report:

“In Crystal Surgery we use white stones to infuse white light into areas that have been detoxed of negativity, pain, inflammation, past life injuries, present life injuries and lower vibrations.  For this we can use self-healed quart, elestial calcite, selenite and highest vibration of all, white apophyllite.  The Flame of Ishtar™ takes the vibration of white apophyllite several levels higher and is the smoothest, most focused, most powerful of all the choices.”

“When infusing the white light, it is quite advantageous to use each of the crystals listed above, raising the vibrational frequency level by level.  The Flame of Ishtar™ completes the sequence with perfection.”

Sharona, of Lombard Illinois, has this to say about her Flame of Ishtar™:

“The (The Flame of Ishtar™) necklace is beautiful and I’ve been meaning to mail to you my experiences with it; they have been profound.   My experiences with (The Flame of Ishtar™) necklace have shown me that Ishtar was not only a goddess, but she and the necklace represent the flame of the Divine feminine.  The first time I wore it during meditation the necklace was emitting sparks of light similar to a sparkler lite up.  Then a woman started to approach me like an angel.  As she came closer she got larger and brighter, till she merged inside my heart.  I felt an electric charge in my heart space and light was glowing inside me.  When the meditation asked to fill parts of the body with liquid white light, I realized it came from inside of me, not thru the crown chakra, (as previously experienced).  I felt enormous and felt earth was in the palm of my hands.  I can still tap into that feeling today.”

Jean Tindle, who has a Shamanic Healing Practice, Spirit Dancer Crystals, in Chicago Illinois offered this information about her experience with  The Flame of Ishtar™:

My experience with this amazing piece has been that it is a definite portal.  I wear the pendant in ceremony when I wish to be connected with my guides and angels.  When I sat with the piece this afternoon here is what came through.”

“The stone opens the doorway to multi-dimensionality.  It holds the ability to carry a tremendous light and transmit this to the wearer.  It burns away all that is not in resonance with the light.  The vibration is very high.  This is not a stone to wear lightly, put it on and step into a new reality where you are co-creator with Source.  Know the light, Be the light.”

“This crystal is a doorway to remembrance that the true purpose of the soul’s journey is to shine, to be in joy and abundance, and to reflect this outward to all who cross your path.”

“Breath in the light.”

We at Magical Delights are thankful for the wonderful insights from these gifted healers.  We would love to hear comments from other owners of The Flame of Ishtar™.

Please see our website for this and our other Handcrafted Jewelry Designs by Magical Delightswww.MagicalDelgihts.com.

Experiences With The Flame of Ishtar™

May 16, 2010

It’s been a while since the last blog because I’ve been on The East Coast presenting Magical Delights to the customers and friends there.  While I enjoyed the people and met some really aware new friends, Dawn, Robin, Rhonda, Eve and many more, I came back with the sad feeling that the East Coast Corridor is WAY too crowded.  It seems as we make technological, cultural and social advances, they don’t improve the human condition, but rather make it worse.  I think we may be missing something.

"Light of the World" "Opener"

Flame of Ishtar™

With that in mind I looked at the responses about  The Flames of Ishtar™ that we have received so far to see if and how they are helping people.  So far this is what I have heard.

Beth Ann Kenndy : reports that The Flame of Ishtar™ is speaking to her on a daily basis and opening up what can only be called “New Vistas”.  She will be writing more.

Vivien Shapera tells us that she uses her The Flame of Ishtar™ daily to perform Crystal Surgery and that her Four Winds Acadamy is going through big changes.

Barbara McVey says “the biggest impact I notice is a sense of calming and safety when I put The Flame of Ishtar™ on.  It is as if I am wrapped in having comfort”  Personally that is what I feel as well.

Jean Tindle, has been sharing with me that she can only wear The Flame of Ishtar™ while in ceremony or else she feels like she is “traveling away”.

These are some interesting results.  I will flesh in more information as information becomes available.

Flame of Ishtar™ Pendant

Flame of Ishtar™ Pendant

We now have  The Flame of Ishtar™ available on the Designer Gemstone Pendant Page of our Magical Delights™ Website.

Also, check out our Art Festival Page to see what  where Magical Delights™ will be appearing with The Flame of Ishtar™

Jean Tindle, Next Top Spiritual Author

April 16, 2010

Vote For Jean Tindle, Next Top Spiritual Author

Jean Tindle, Next Top Spiritual Author

Jean Tindle, Next Top Spiritual Author

Jean Tindle of Spirit Dancer Crystals has recently entered a book publishing contest with a pitch that is based on a recent newsletter article.  The article appeared in the February issue of Crystal Musings and was entitled Heart Murmurs.  Jean, after a life changing experience, has studied for more than a decade preparing to take advantage of this opportunity.

Having read the newsletter and heard the audio of her presentation for the idea for her new book, I and many others have voted for her to be chosen for The Next Top Spiritual Author Contest.  We, at Magical Delights would like to encourage you to check it out and see if you would also be interested in registering a vote for her.

Please see the Home Page for her Website for all of the details on how to register your vote.  It is a facinating concept.  I believe that there are a lot of people out there that probably do have a book in them, but just do not have an opportunity to “get it out there”.  This is a great plateform and we at Magical Delights support her and wish her well on her quest!  We hope that you will do the same.  Here in her own words is her request for your vote.

Vote For Jean Tindle, Next Top Spiritual Author

Next Top Spiritual Author Competition

Dear Friends and Supporters,

It is not easy for me to ask for assistance or to speak on my own behalf, but I have recently entered a book publishing contest with a pitch that is based on a recent newsletter article.  The article appeared in the February issue of Crystal Musings and was entitled Heart Murmurs.

In true synchronistic fashion, a good friend suggested that I could expand on the article and make it a book.  A couple of days later I got an email from James Twyman (I am on a list of his) of the Beloved Community.  He is sponsoring a contest called the Next Top Spiritual Author.  I decided to enter and record my idea.  The first few rounds of this contest are based on the number of votes an author receives, and how well we can market ourselves.  Frankly it terrifies me, but I am doing it anyway.

I realize how valuable your time is, and I am asking here for you to listen to my pitch and, if you are called to do so, to vote for it.  This is a multiple-step process.  First you have to register to vote at http://www.NextTopAuthor.com, then you will receive an email to confirm that you registered.  After that you can go directly to my pitch at http://www.NextTopAuthor.com/?aid=677.  Voting for Round 1 ends May 3rd.

In appreciation for your attention, I am offering a drawing to give away a rose quartz elestial (Pictured below).  All you have to do to enter is email me that you registered to vote.  I don’t need to know if or how you voted.

It means the world to me to have you all as my community.  Thank you in advance from the bottom of my heart.

Much love and many blessings,


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