From Huffman Shows to Christmas!! Merry Christmas One and All!!

It’s been a whirlwind Autumn for Magical Delights…now its settled down a bit so I can tell you about Villa Park, Omaha and next week about my Crystal Surgery Class at Four Winds in Cincinnati.

The Huffman Shows in Villa Park, November 3rd thru 6th was two weeks earlier than it has been for many years which…I think confused many of the customers that came from further away. 

Our friend Paul Happip was there…


Paul Hapip Jewelry

We were all happy…


Paul Hapip's Jewelry

The Show was otherwise. normal.

Judy_is_a-Happy_Flame-of _Ishtar_Owner

Judy is a Happy Flame of Ishtar Owner

One of our First Flame of Ishtar™ Customers was there, though!

Two  weeks later, November 17th thru 20th I went to Omaha to do the show there.


Statue at Omaha Show

It has been become a very mixed show…


High Art From Omaha Show

with High Art in one part…


More Omaha Show



More Yet From Omaha Show

Magical Delights was not next to this…


Magical Delights Booth

Magical Delights was surrounded by crafty stuff, which made our stuff look cheap.


Omaha Show


More Omaha Vendors


More Omaha Vendors

I had an interesting conversation with a profession colleague, Tim James of Pendragon .  He was visiting Omaha and saw Omaha and saw I was at the show so he stopped by. 


Even More Omaha Vendors

More Yet, Omaha Vendors

More Yet, Omaha Vendors

He was really surprised by the extreme amount of buy/sell jewelry and also by the abundance of buy/sell wood and craft pieces, we knows the distributor who is a friend of his.  This is not how the show is portrayed.

Consequently, Omaha was not a good show for us so…I will not be back there but will look for a Art Fair there in the summer.
We are working fast and furious on items to take with us to Tucson in February, so that will keep us pretty busy until then.  We added lots a new stuff to the website and sold quite a bit at Christmas and have replaced those also so the selection is great!!  Stop on over to see what we have at


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