Magical Delights at St James Court in Louisville Kentucky

During the first part of October, Magical Delights went to do a New Art Fair (for us that is) in Louisville, Kentucky called St James Court Art Show.  The show is a really large event that has been in existence for 50 years.


Customers at St James Court in Louisville Kentucky

I was told by the customers that the schools are even closed, city wide, during the show.  The St James Court Show Art Show is usually mentioned among the top Art and Crafts Shows in the US.


Historic Buildings in Louisville Kentucky

It is held in a picturesque neighborhood in Central Louisville.

Historic-Buildings-Right-on-the-Boulevards-in Louisville, Kentucky

Historic Buildings Right on the Boulevards

The St James Court part surrounds a fountain


Fountain in St James Court

I was never close enough to it  to see what it commemorates. 


Magical Delights Booth is in the Arbor

Our spot was directly across from the fountain, in the Arbor. (Second on the left) 🙂


Crowd at St James Court

The show was OK for us.   And next year it should be Great!!!


Fountain at St James Court

This weekend Magical Delights will be in Omaha, Nebraska for the Autumn Festivals an Arts and Crafts Affair at the Qwest Center.    We will be there November 17 th thru the 20th each day from 9:00 to 7:00 for Thursday, Friday and Saturday and 9:00 to 5:00 on Sunday.  Stop out if you are in the neighborhood to see our newest Handcrafted Jewelry Designs by Magical Delights.


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  1. Yes! Finally someone writes about Molle Bug.

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