Handcrafted Jewelry Designs by Magical Delights Art Festival Update

Weeks ago Magical Delights was in Lodi, Wisconsin for the Art in the Park.  Some of my friends or their relatives were there.

John the Ringman's Son

John the Ringman's Son

David and Mike Alberson are the Sons of John The Ringman.  We need to send energy to John in his battle with physical dis-ease.  He is being led by the universe to let his sons carry more of the load.  Hope John is doing OK!! 

After that it was Artarama and Neenah where they have really good food.  You’ve seen the pictures on an earlier blog.

I went with Jean to Austin Texas to do a Body Mind Spirit Expo there and we saw many other friends.


Steven Rosley and his Father, John

See John, who is Megan’s Dad, (the organizer of the shows) and he and Doris usually are the gate keepers @ the Body Mind Spirit Expo shows, are a really swell couple and I wish them well.

Also Steven Rosely of CrystalMaster.com had his set up – the airline lost his luggage so all his expensive pieces were late in coming.


Wands at Show

What do you think of these wands,  that are obviously not made by Magical Delights.  We would like to hear from you!


Barry Helm

Barry Helm, who is an extremely interesting healer, was there as well.


Barry Helms Booth


Nature's Treasures

Next to us was Nature’s Treasures, they have a big store in Austin and brought in a bunch of large pieces which were quite interesting.


Jean with Magical Delights Jewelry

And then of course, there was Jean and a bunch of Magical Delights stuff.  Spirit Dancer Crystals had a good show then.  It was 100 degrees during most of the show so we were glad to be inside.

Appleton Art in the Park

Appleton Art in the Park

This last week end I was in Appleton at the Trout Museum’s Art in the Park and it was OK. 

Our Street Appleton Art in the Park

Our Street Appleton Art in the Park

It seems that Art Festivals are places for people to see each other but not so much for buying stuff.  All our shows since April have been way down in sales but up in crowds.  The woman next to us mentioned that she only sold ½ as much as last year.  But we will endeavor to persevere.

This weekend Magical Delights will be appearing at the Evanston Lakeshore Art Festival, August 6th and 7th in Dawes Park, Evanston Illinois.  We are expecting a great weekend and would love it if you would stop out and see us while we are there!! 

You can also see some of our newest items on our website – www.MagicalDelights.com


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