Magical Delights Has Now Entered Summer

Magical Delights has now entered summer.  The Spring such as it was seemed to be a bit weather impacted.  We were unable to do much business during May, as it was always windy and cold.  So, we are hoping for a better Summer.

We have noticed that the customers and people we see are seeming more active and joyful but are still hesitant to spend money.  There is a lot of political at shows which is a change.  Perhaps we will all start taking an interest in the world around us and be responsible for how we live an what we do on a daily basis.

Personally I think I will be making changes in the way we do business so that I can concentrate on life a little.

I will attempt to make reports on interesting things at show and checking the flow of energies and vibrations from all the forces at work this month.  So perhaps the blogs will be more frequent for a while.  As you know I was away in Tucson, Tulsa, the East Coast and Chicago and I don’t report well from on the road even though I have my first lap top:)

More to come – soon…


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