New Things Are Coming To Magical Delights!!

The year is whizzing by again and we at Magical Delights are getting ready for Spring.  I am off to do The Sugarloaf  Crafts Festivals in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and also a stop at A Bit of the West in Wickford, Rhode Island.  You may check our schedule on our Art Festival Page on our website at

We are hoping for a positive experience at these shows as two of them are new for us.

We have been working on a couple of new bracelet designs which we hope will catch on.  Also, we are working on a new pendant designs as well.

New Magical Delights Bracelet

New Magical Delights Bracelet

New Magical Delights Pendant

New Magical Delights Pendant

We developed new wand stands just prior to going to Tucson and found that people really seemed to like them.

New Wand Stand

New Wand Stand

Wand Stand With Moldavite

Wand Stand With Moldavite

There is some further work we need to do, but having Moldavite incorporated in the design adds a lot.

Close Up of Moldavite

Close Up of Moldavite

So there are new things from Magical Delights for 2011.  We would like to see some peace break out in the world.  It was interesting to see all the protesting going on ie: Madison Wisconsin, Egypt, Libia, Yemen, ect.  I hope that all these signs of change are going to turn out to be positive.

I will be stopping in Chicago to help Jean at the Body Mind Spirit Expo and then on to the East.

We have added a Retail Location Page on our website to let our customers know where they may be able to find Handcrafted Jewelry by Magical Delights at a store near you.  We also have some of our Magical Jewelry Creations available on our Etsy site at and also on Festival Net at


One Response to New Things Are Coming To Magical Delights!!

  1. I like moldavites. They are gorgeous and powerful stones. If you are interested in moldavites chech
    … web with many photos and facts

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