Leaving Soon for Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

Magical Delights Retail Store

Magical Delights Retail Store

As we enter the New Year, looking forward to change and all the excitement that that brings, it seemed like we survived the political upheavals of 2010 and now we will have to cope with what appears to be the more stringent and material oriented days of the last 10 years.

There fore it becomes incumbent upon us to be kinder and gentler to ourselves, our customers and especially to those who don’t agree with us, because in reality they are the ones with need the most care because they always do.

Those of us and this includes those of you who read this, who work in the White Light will proceed with utmost skill to remember the lessons that we have learned.

Flame of Ishtar™

Flame of Ishtar™

With these thoughts in mind and before I leave for the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, we would like to offer up what is left of the Flames of Ishtar™.  They will be available on the website until we pack to go to Tucson, on or about January  17th.  We do not know if we will actually find any more. We may find more and then We may not.  Time will tell.

We at Magical Delights wish you and everyone a Happy New Year and Peace and Well Being.  And, remember what Benjamin Franklin said about, just about anything…http://www.famousquotesandauthors.com/authors/benjamin_franklin_quotes.html.

To see  our Flames of Ishtar™, see our website at MagicalDelights.com. We are adding new items so check to see the new arrivals in the next few days!!


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