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Great Message - Unusual Place

Great Message - Unusual Place



Interestingly enough, a friend has pointed out to me the exact origin of the a fore mentioned quote.  Apparently it is to be found in the book of Psalms, which leads me to wonder what the origins of Psalms is.  On reading the quote, it originally struck me as a lovely sentiment and as a nice thing for people to do.  So I was surprised to learn, after my jab at occults and dogma, to have it pointed out where it actually came from.  Which makes me wonder what the Psalms are anyway.  It is a product of an even older cult.  Which makes it rather useful and pleasant, despite its origin:)

Apophyllite - A holy Stone

Apophyllite - A holy Stone

Kudos to my friend Bob O for pointing this out!!
Thanks, Bob!!

To see this Apophyllite and others, see the Precious Stones page of our website


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