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Flame of Ishtar™

Flame of Ishtar™

A short happy blog with more reports from owners / users of the 50 some Flame of Ishtar™ that are now out in the world.  In a previous post about The Flame of Ishtar™.  I referenced a story of Carol Clarke of Body Works Healing Center in Plymouth Michigan.  I promised to finish the story in the next post but I guess it will be this post instead:) 
To continue her interesting story: 
…”I felt this very warm protective shield come over me and I was feeling pretty fearless.”   She went about her day and when she got home “I cleared myself with a sea salt bath, put the Flame of Ishtar™  back  on and I heard LOUDLY to go get my Ascended Masters and Archangels book out – by Doreen Virtue.  I immediately looked up Ishtar and started to read and I almost dropped the book!  She said that her experience with invoking Ishtar was very similar to mine – feeling of protective shield –  seeing all negative energies transmuted down to her feet where they were tingling!  It was crazy!  So I right then felt a huge need to pray to her.  To ask her to bless my Flame of Ishtar™ to help itself clear and provide the best white light energy possible to be channeled through me onto …my clients who need it.  The prayer called for me to light a white candle.  I looked and looked everywhere until I felt a huge pull at my feet.  And there was my baptismal candle.  The very one from the day I was Christened.  Sure that this MUST be a sign, I lit it, and start the invocation.  I saw her as clear as day in my mind’s eye wrapping me in fabric made of metallic that shone brightly with white light in true Babylonian fashion, then she cleared my aura thoroughly from any attachments,  and said to me that she would help me … in my energy work or massage whenever I needed her too.  That she could protect me from anything and that she could help me with techniques to use in my massages to further help with injuries.  She also told me that I needed to work with Merlin as well – and with both on my side, I could do great things.  I thanked her profusely and later went to sleep only to have intense vivid dreams that didn’t make any sense to me until much later…to be continued…next post…promise!!
Meanwhile, Magical Delights will be appearing November 18th – 21st 2010 at the Autumn Festival and Arts and Crafts Affair at Odeum Park – Villa Park, Illinois.  We would love for you to stop and see us if you are in town!!



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