Flame of Ishtar™ Morontia Stone

"Light of the World" "Opener"

Flame of Ishtar™ Morontia Stone

Since it’s introduction in January 2010 we have many customers report their experiences with their Handcrafted Jewelry containing Flame of Ishtar™.

One of these is Carol Clarke of Bodyworks Healing Center in Plymouth Michigan, who writes “When I saw the piece at the Plymouth Art Show – I HAD to have it…it was like it was made just for me…I can’t describe the pull I got from it-I just knew I had to have it right then.  When my mom put the necklace on me, it was like a whole layer of vision was peeled away.  Like if there is truth to having  “the veil” as they put it-it was torn away.  I saw you and you were busy telling me everything I needed to know about the stone, but I could hardly hear a thing.  I was positively blinded by your aura.  Now I do auric reaadings and I see colors and divisions of light clearly.  But never as bright as right then.  Plus you had a bunch of fairies at your crown!  It was amazing.  I looked around – hard to concentrate clearly.  There was this overwhelming tingling at my feet and the energy pouring down on me was unbelievable!  It took me most of the day/night to get used to it all.  I felt this very warm protective shield come over me and I was feeling pretty fearless.”

To be continued…there is even more information to report about her experience with this special gift from the heavens. I will include more of her incredible information in the next post.

For more comments about our handcrafted jewelry featuring The Flame of Ishtar™, available exclusively thru Magical Delights you may click here.

Currently Magical Delights is arriving in Raleigh NC for the Body Mind Spirit Expo that will be located at:

NC State Fairgrounds, Kerr Scott Bldg
1025 Blue Ridge Rd,
Raleigh, NC

We have several of these wonderful Flames of Ishtar™ with us there so stop and and pick one out for yourself.

Or check out our Art Festival Schedule where you can choose from more of our unique and one of a kind jewelry designs by clicking here.


4 Responses to Flame of Ishtar™ Morontia Stone

  1. Joy thiede says:

    Hi! Jean. Love looking at your pieces as always. Sorry Plymouth, MI show was not great. I live 4 miles from there.I saw you lasr at Oscar’s Port Huron gathering. I bought a H. Diamond ring from you but daughter ended up with it. I hope to catch up with you soon. Munay, Joy…Chinchaysuyu.

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  3. Jan says:

    I have to say that wearing the Flame Of Ishtar gives me the feeling of being connected with the part of me that is more wise that knows that everything is going to be OK. These days, that is truly helpful and comforting!!!

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