Opals from Australia

Des and Ann Kranz Stop at Magical Delights

Des and Ann Kranz Stop at Magical Delights

Des and Ann Kranz paid us a visit recently.  Des and Ann are real live Opal Miners from Australia who have removed themselves from active mining at this time, and because they were forward thinking, they saved some of the Opals that they mined 20 or 30 years ago which means that they have REAL OPALS, really available.  Consequently, Des is able to still polish Opals for sale.

Des and Ann embark each year from Alice Springs, Australia, which is their home they still live there and travel the world with Opals that Des has polished for that particular year.  They graciously visit their favorite customers and acquaintances and friends that they have acquired over the last couple of decades.

I meet Des and Ann in Tucson about 10 years ago and I guess I got to be one of their friends.  They no longer go to  The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, but as part of their annual world travels, (and much to my surprise), they come to Wausau, every year during the Australian summer and they bring us a supply of their  wonderful Opals.

This Is a Sample Of The Opals That Des and Ann Brought With Them

This Is a Sample Of The Opals That Des and Ann Brought With Them

This large picture is a sample of the actual Boulder Opal that he has brought along to show us.  So, that is the story of Des and Ann Kranz.

You can see jewelry with their Opals on our Website at www.magicaldelights.com.  There is an example of one of these opals on B4, which is Bracelet # 4 on the Original Gemstone Bracelet page. We will have more to come in the near future.


4 Responses to Opals from Australia

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  2. Jan says:

    Yes, I will forward your imformation on to Ann and Des. I am sure that they will love hearing from you!! It is a small world after all, is it not!!

  3. owen lane says:

    im owen lane from narrabri nsw australia.i become friends with des and ann kranz about 20 years ago and use to keep contact with them,when they were mining at lightning ridge and yowa.we lost contact many years ago and i have been looking and trying to contact them since and it was only today i found their picture on your website.if possible,could you forward me their contact details or forward my details to them it would be much appreciated if you could do this.yours truly owen lane,po box 3150 narrabri nsw 2390 australia.ph.0457457562,02 67932150

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