What about Plymouth…

After Ludington, I spent the week in Chicago where I went to the Botanical Gardens, (you need a whole day to see this place).  I you would like to check it out you can see it on their website at  www.chicagobotanic.org.

Then we went and saw the movie Cyrus, which, if you like acting, it is well worth the $7.00.  To see more about the film click here. And from there I left alone to travel to Plymouth Michigan for their Art in the Park .

The Sun Fell From The Sky and Landed On The Street

The Sun Fell From The Sky and Landed On The Street

With a couple of exceptions, it was an uneventful show.  It’s gotten too big, and too much like a flea market.  The other downside, is that most of the show is on asphalt and it was so hot that it felt that the sun had landed on the street.

Dr. Rajiv Kumar

Dr. Rajiv Kumar

We were, however, visited by some exceptional people.  Among them were Magic Rav, aka, Dr Rajiv Kumar.  He was the first of our energy warriors, an exceptional guy who you will want to look up.  For more information on Dr Kumar please see his website at www.IndiaHealthToday.com.

Flame of Ishtar™ Pendant

Flame of Ishtar™ Pendant

Then Carol Clark, another energy warrior, from Body Works Healing Center in Plymouth stopped by our booth.  Carol was thrilled to find our Flames of Ishtar™ and promised to send us a report on her experience with the one that she purchased.  We look forward to hearing from her about her experiences with her new favorite mineral.  For more information on Body Works Healing Center, you can visit their website at www.bodyworkshealingcenter.com.

Garden Wands At The Art Festival

Garden Wands At The Art Festival

We had a visit from a young woman with a truly interesting  broom stick – or as we have named, Garden Wand.

Budding Young Energy Warrior From Art Festival

Budding Young Energy Warrior From Art Festival

We had a budding Energy Warrior who stopped by to brighten up our day.

After that, I made the mistake of putting the Big Wand away and immediately there after, it rained buckets and immediately ended the show!

To see our Handcrafted Jewelry Designs that we are offering at our Art Festivals, see our website at www.magicaldelights.com.

Our Art Festival Schedule can be found on our Art Festival Page at www.magicaldelights.com/ArtShowSchedule.


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