Since our last blog, Scoop’s been off gallivanting around the country.  We attended the Fountain Square Art Festival in the lovely location of Evanston, Illinois.  Unfortunately, it was a relatively uneventful show, with the exception of of the high winds on Sunday, which kept blowing tents and canopies down all day until the show was over and the winds quit howling so that everybody could leave. The highlight of that show was not getting a parking ticket.  After that we geared up to do our Michigan Swing (that is not a dance).

Happy Customers At The Ludington Art Festival

Happy Customers At The Ludington Art Festival

The next stop after that, was lovely Ludington Art in the Park on Michigan’s fabulous West Coast.   We had many happy joy filled customers looking and thinking and making difficult decisions.

Customer Choosing Finger Bracelets™

Customer Choosing Finger Bracelets™

The weather was absolutely perfect, mid 70’s in the shade, and mid 80’s in the sun.  The low part of the show was the inability of the credit up-link equipment to function properly.  After calling “Up-link Central”, I was informed that the problem was the amount of fireworks between my location and the up-link location.  Turns out, they create electromagnetic frequencies interference similar to a small nuclear device.

My Dinner at Blue Moon Restaurant

My Dinner at Blue Moon Restaurant

But the highlight of the weekend was my dinner at The Blue Moon Restaurant.  My dinner – Standing Lamb Ribs that was outstanding.

Jean's Entree

Jean's Entree at Blue Moon Restaurant

Jean’s dinner was also quite good – White Fish with Risotto.  We finished off with two very fine wines, but I have forgotten what they were.  Never the less, if you are in Ludington, by all means go to The Blue Moon.

And for slightly less exotic, but really fine food by people who try really hard, Scotties is also a good bet.

For information about our calendar of events, you may see our Art Fair Schedule on our website at Show Schedule.


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