Last Minute Purchases As The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show Winds Down



The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show is winding down and people are getting rather tired and frantic as every one who wants stuff is out looking for stuff so that they can find what they are looking for before every thing is packed up disappears for yet another year.

Because of that, we too were also out looking to pick up a last few “gems”.  This Hemimophite caught our eye, as its is in short supply and difficult to find.  This rather rare piece is approximately 2 1/2  inches  by  2 1/2  inches by 3/4. and will be on display and for sale at Magical Delights in Wausau Wisconsin.

Metaphysical Properties: The name implies the meaning of bring half-formed.  It induces thought/nervous system integration and is an extremely useful stone for children until the age of 12 when the delta waves begin functioning in the brain.  Hemimorphite relieves mental stress and anxiety for children in difficult situations.

Be keeping your eyes open for rainbow quartz in the market place in the near future.  Magical Delights will be bring some back to use in the making of it’s jewelry and magic wands.

Spirit Dancer Crystal will also be bring back some larger pieces that would be good for use on a desk top on your alter.  Look for them on her website soon.  She will add them to the site when she returns back home.

A Very Happy Customer!!

A Very Happy Customer!!

This is a picture of Linda, who has been a customer for many years and is happy to model several pieces of our jewelry.  We say thanks to all of our great customers that we have had the pleasure to have meet over the years.


2 Responses to Last Minute Purchases As The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show Winds Down

  1. lilythekid says:

    i definately need some of that magical hemimorphite for my daughter!

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