Focusing Your Attention on What Counts

I realize that it is time to write another blog, but I’ve been happily engaged in a multitude of projects, some of which involve getting ready to go to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show in Tucson Arizona.

It is interesting to see what happens when you apply your attention to the multitude of other tasks, which is something that we have been taught in this culture is a good thing.

So when we reach this point, it is interesting to note how many other parts of life become disturbed and then also requires ones attention.  Oh, what a “web” we weave when our attention is scattered.

So, what to do.  Well, we also all know what to do, which is to stop, look, listen and then proceed with the most important thing first, realizing that we really don’t know what the “most important” thing actually is.  But, take heart and finish one thing at a time.

I also think that losing one’s focus certainly leads to “dis-ease” and it is imperative to maintain focus and stop multitasking on every occasion and about everything.

As for the solution for this loss of focus and attention –   Blue Topaz which is an excellent stone for dealing with things as they are changing, because if we are in a state of loss of focus and attention things are likely to change on us rapidly.

Pearls would be good as well as they provide the wearer with a sense of creativity to deal with change effectively.

Or you can always use Garnet or Ruby to give you a whole lot more energy to take on the things at hand.  Any of these can easily be found on our website

The most important lesson of course is, when your focus is on everything, your attention is on nothing.


2 Responses to Focusing Your Attention on What Counts

  1. Sounds like a good job for you, Walter since you got there first. Have a great time while in Tucson. See you soon.

  2. Walter says:

    Yo, kiddies: Just got to Tucson and it will be a lovely event. It’s been watered for 3 days and the dust is gone. Waiting for the water to subside. Who’s taking care of this? I know it’s not Scoop.

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