Light of the Season

So we come to the end of another year and we are at the Season of Light.  We will shortly have the Day of Least Light and a few days later we will be able to notice the beginning of the lengthening of days.  Well and good.

You say just the way the world turns!  But also a time that the natural world takes the time to help us remember our own light, the internal and external Light, that Etheric Illumination that we are all heir too.  Not only is this the Season to reflect on the material world but we might take pause and reflect on our inner Light and its connection to the Universal Light.  Happy Holidays!!

It is interesting to note that the world’s leaders are convened in Copenhagen to come to an agreement on how to deal with climate change.  The news reports are sparse about this except to say that our guy is trying to convince their guys to do it our way.  No change there.

A large number of people are clamoring to say we need to “save the Earth”, however, don’t attempt to alter how we, (all of us), (especially the rich), live here.  The Earth will allow us to murder ourselves and then go about its “Merry” business cleaning up after us.

How you ask does this refer to the Light.

In my own experience with this year, I have seen (again) that I lose my focus on what I “feel” my path is and become concerned with material well being.  Now, I know perfectly well that the universe knows how to take care of me and if I can stay on my path of integrity, compassion, and joy, that I will be in the hands of a larger force than me.  The “beneficence of strangers”, “the Law of Attraction”, the “The Hand of God”, or the assistance of “Guides and Angels” are always there!!

*Operating principle number three can help point the way.

The way to stay in touch, at this season, is to follow your Light.  To find that spark within you that is a reflection and connection to the Light of the universe and ground it all around you and those you call friends and family.

If you do so by prayer, meditation, crystal healing or other practice, well and good.  Just be sure you remember that we all have It.  We forget from time to time when we are tired or afraid, so it is good to have a touchstone to help you get that feeling back.

Do you have a touch stone? If not hope you receive one during this Season of Light!  Perhaps you will find something at the Magical Delights website –, Sprirt Dancer Crystals website –,  or Katrina Raphaell at her website –

*Operating Principle #3 – More of everything for everybody.  The universe is infinite with an infinite  amount of everything in it move then enough for us all.

Watch future blog post for the other “Operating Principles”


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