Magical Delights Prepares for the Tuscon Gem and Mineral Show

Magical Delights is starting the long process to prepare for the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show in February 2010.

In these uncertain economic conditions we find that we need to plan more diligently than in previous years.  With that in mind we are planning to make collections of various stone and mineral groups.  Usually we just make as much and as many different kinds of pieces as possible, however, this year we don’t have the luxury of a huge number of stone materials.  The cost of metal keeps going up as well so we plan to plan!!

Right now we are looking at groups of Watermelon Tourmaline, Fine Agates, Herkimer Diamond and a lot of Quartz pieces.  We also are planning to use an older design of pendant and bracelet that we haven’t utilized a lot in recent years.  So far us it will be fun and different.

Of course, since it is Tucson, we will be making a lot of wands!! We are thinking that they will be a little smaller and have a lighter feel to them, more fanciful, “if you will”.  Also we will introduce a line of crystal surgery wands with  helpful hints on how to use them and classes for using.

We are currently incorporating information about wands used for crystal sugery that we have acquired in our associations with Four Winds Academy in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Any other information about teachers or stone groups will be incorporated into our thinking and planning.   We look forward to hearing you on any further information that you would like to contribute.

Also, to see some of our wands that are currently on our website, be sure to visit the wand page at


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