Guarded by Angels

All summer long, and even back into spring, Magical Delights has been bedeviled by auto failure!  Our main vehicle wore out an engine and that needed to be replaced.  When the new engine was completed the testing proved it had a cracked block.  So that process had to be restored.

The back up vehicle had a traumatic engine termination at the beginning of May, which required a new engine.  We managed to get thru July and August with only major computer problems.  We had two hard drive failures.

Everything seemed to be repaired and ready to go for September, just in time for our large fall shows and a trip to North Carolina and to Denver, Colorado.

On a lovely September day, 35 miles from Denver the back up vehicle (the one with the new engine), lost 70% of it’s power, actually in the middle of no where – Keenesburg, CO.  We limped into town and asked for a repair shop and were met with questioning looks.  “Well go down two blocks and turn left and then go to Ken’s repair…you can’t miss it” we were told.  So with hopes high and a desperate feeling, it was off to Ken’s in Keenesburg.

We pulled into Ken’s under a sign which said “Beware of Guard dog”.  And there was Ken, 6’3” , all tattooed listening to Rush and muttering under his breath about illegal aliens and the President not born in “Amerika” (sic).

“Hey Ken I got a problem here…”, I said.  To that Ken says “OK, lets have a look.”  Ken hops into the barely running truck and off he goes.  Fifteen really long minutes later, back he comes.  “Well I think it’s the transmission…and I can’t do any thing with it ‘till next week.  You only have one gear.”

More sinking feeling…”Hey Ken, is there someplace I can get it fixed that you know of?”   “Ya,” Ken said, “there’s a GM dealer in Fort Lupton. “   “Can I drive there?” I asked.  “Maybe….start her up,” Ken replied.

Well the truck won’t start so it’s totally dead.  So, I call “good old AARP road service”.  In an hour the wrecker shows up.  Ken says “good luck”.

The driver is a younger man with heavily inflective English, kind of like rap speak and what I can only assume are prison tats.  (The ones on his eye lids say “love” on the right and “hate” on the left with a teardrop and other gang tats. )  So I was a little nervous, especially when he is driving down country roads in very rural Colorado.  I am thinking I’m headed for no good.  Meanwhile he’s going on about his many girl friends and how you have to handle them and his time in Sterling, (which if you know Colorado is where the Maximum Security Prison is), and his plans for his own wrecker and transport service some day.

We were trying not to freak out, but both Jean and I thought he was really a sweet kid that was trying really hard not to live the life that he had been born into.  He clearly did not want to be a victim of his circumstances.  It was palpable.

So the driver says “I’m not going to take you where the company wants, but someplace where you can get your truck fixed”, and he does!!  He even tells me who to talk to and what to ask for.  What a relief, and unfortunately, I never got his name.

It happened to be a Chrysler dealership and a GM dealership on the same lot.  I have to tell you that  you could not have asked for more service.  At one point there were five, “Count ‘em”, five mechanics working on my truck.  They even pushed it into the shop.

The service manager then drove us to another the Ford dealership to rent a car.  So we could get to our motel after finding some one who had rentals still available.  It so happened that that week was the Denver Gem and Mineral Show and , the Beer Festival so rentals were scarce.  The rental guy was a hoot and made us a special deal ‘cause we were having such a hard time.

An hour later, we went to our motel, checked in, and got a phone call from the service manager saying “The truck was fixed”!! The cost was $261.00, and we could return the rental ahead of time at no cost.!

Amazing, all those people, complete strangers, some suspect, all of us guarded by Angels.  Back on the road again!!

So therefore, whilst I was buying the stones in Denver, I was filled with the glow of being treated and filled with the best energy of the best of human kind.


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