2009 is done, 2010 is just begining.

The Art Fair Season for Magical Delights is finished for 2009.  We are currently working on the 2010 schedule…the work only slows down, it never ends.  So watch the website www.magicaldelights.com for new dates.

2009 presented us with challenging weather as it was cool all summer with plenty of rain.  For the first 4 shows I forgot to take the Magical Delights Weather Wand along, so as you might expect, Elmhurst Wisconsin, Stoughton Wisconsin, Mcgregor Iowa and Edina Minnesota had significant rain.  After that we had two more rain events at St Charles Illinois and Oshkosh Wisconsin on the same weekend.

At these shows it was difficult to judge if it was the weather or the economy that colored these shows but they were slow.  When I started taking the wand along the weather got better and the shows improved.  The one Michigan show we did was a little depressed but we heard that Ann Arbor was good.

For the most part we sold low end pieces and high end pieces and our “bread and butter” jewelry seemed flat.  We tried some new colored stones like, Stichtite in Serpentine, Purple Larimar, Psilomelane and some Jaspers and had good luck with the Jaspers.

We also exhibited a new bracelet design and revived on older pendant design which we haven’t used for many years.  Soon you will be able to see these on the website.

In 2010 we will be doing a few more “New Age” Shows and trying to put together an operating Store Front in Wausau.  Hopefully Magical Delights will have more blogging news soon…maybe something about the “sweat log” disaster in Arizona.  Let me think about that a little bit.


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