News from the Body Mind Spirit Expos

On the heals of the 3 eclipses, Magical Delights embarked on a growth adventure.

We participated in two Body Mind Spirit Expos,  (in conjunction with Spirit Dancer Crystals),  in Chicago, IL and Raleigh, NC.,  exploring the in depth aspects of current New Age thinking, practice and workings.

From Chicago, we moved on to Cincinnati OH where we visited Four Winds Academy for an expo of Crystal Surgery.  While the two shows gave us insight as to what people are doing, the Crystal Surgery we participated in was the more educational.  From my last experience with Crystal Surgery, this new view was vastly more detailed.

We learned a lot about how crystals, minerals and stones are used to facilitate the removal of blocking energies and refreshing personal fields.  This new info will make it possible for Magical Delights to begin offering useful, and effective tools in the near future.

In mid September, we will be on our way to the Denver Gem and Mineral Show, Denver Colorado,  to find new stones and minerals to produce these new tools.


One Response to News from the Body Mind Spirit Expos

  1. Jan says:

    While you are in Denver, please bring back for me an oval faceted London Blue Topaz . I would like it set in a Finger Bracelet.

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